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Diminishing Aid to Nations - a Prelude to Wider Extremism and Conflict

Posted on January 5, 2018 at 9:55 AM
The Trump administration in Washington, DC, has decided to cut almost all security aid to Pakistan in retaliation for Pakistan's failure to deal with terror networks in that country. 

The Afghan Taliban and the Haqqani network are believed to be destabilizing the region and targeting American personnel.

While on its face the withholding of aid appears appropriate to remedy a problem that has and presents a danger to American security, the new directive from the Trump administration could backfire creating a more lucrative haven for terrorists, while stoking wider extremism and conflict that could transcend the borders of the Asian nation.

Without adequate security and funding, Pakistan would descend further into lawlessness rife for the harboring, training and exercising of extremists. However, continued United States(US) aid could prolong a cooperative security relationship Washington has had with Islamabad for decades, though not ideal, but better that nothing at all. 

If Pakistan's actions  have been far from expected during many years with the infusion of US aid money, then consider the possible demise of conditions minus the financial aid. 

The Trump administration directive against Pakistan affirms a flawed foreign policy toted by the White House to use aid to sway needy nations to accept and to go along with Trump's policies over all other considerations, as was threatened over the US unitary declaration on Jerusalem and the subsequent United Nations(UN) vote.

However, that diminishing aid to nations could threaten wider extremism and conflict, the Trump administration should become aware that the McKinley era has long gone and that modern nations are dynamic and complex societies that cannot be ruled from Washington and that they have access to other 'big pocket' donors as China has heavily invested in Pakistan.

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