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Underscored Guilt - the Lived Evidence of Donald Trump's Incitation to Insurrection, by Peter Boyce

Posted on February 11, 2021 at 9:55 AM

The High Office of President of the United States (US) comes with a 'bully pulpit', the wide opportuinity to speak out on any issue. As a result, presidents have historically used the presidency as a 'bully pulpit' to "bring out the best in civic life".

That was before the tumultuous tenure of Donald Trump, who, specifically, in the days, weeks and months after the 2020 Presidential Election, which he lost, used the 'bully pulpit' to cast, to bestow and to promote doubt of the integrity of the function and functioning of the US Federal Government as well as State governments. 

Trump's intensified anti-government rhetoric, even against a government which he led, after his defeat by President Joe Biden, followed months of baseless claims against the US voting system as Trump and some Republicans - foreseeing his inevitable defeat at the polls, tried to disenfranchise millions of voters by objecting to mailed-in ballots and ease of access to voting places.

Inciting chants from Trump to his supporters to "stop the steal" and to "stand by" were echoed from the 'bully pulpit' before January 6, 2021. The often repeated utterances from Trump demonstrated the control he exerted over his followers from rally to rally. The 'bully pulpit' was in full operation and because of its broad spectrum of influence from the High Office of President, messages via the medium have a different code of standard per provoking action than other forms of speech. The 'bully pulpit' need not say "do this now", but by emphasizing and inviting even non specific messaging, the 'bully pulpit' stands guilty of all effects from the causes it has championed.

So on the fateful day of January 6, 2021, when domestic terrorists and supporters of Donald Trump attacked the US Capitol after being called to Washington, D.C. by then President Trump, who admonished them in speech to go to the Capitol, it is more than sufficient to hold Donald Trump responsible for the destruction completed by the group. Donald Trump stands guilty of all the results of the actions undertaken by the violent mob.

Trump, via the 'bully pulpit', forced Americans to daily live under his absurdities of voter fraud and alleged flawed elections results. Americans lived the evidence of Trump's incitation to insurrection. Therefore, the Republic and history must judge Trump guilty of assault on the National Legislature and upon American government and upon democracy as a whole.

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