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Two Needed Actions to Resoundingly Announce the Return of American Might and Power, by Peter Boyce

Posted on February 18, 2021 at 10:55 AM

Too often, good governments, following their election by the people with a clear mandate to act upon immediate pressing issues, become mired in time-wasting back-and-forths with opposition parties in futile attempts to attain bi-partisianship, something that seldom happens. Useful time lapses, support wanes and new governments that stay such a path for too long praying for conciliatory nods, soon start to encounter the wrath of the people who voted for them, while not gaining any allies among those who stand in opposition.

President Joe Biden's new administration in Washington, DC, in my opinion, stands in such a predicament.

Biden's sincere election hope for wanting to promote bi-partianship with the defeated Donald Trump's party now threatens to impede America's immediate thrust out of the doldrums both at home and internationally. The attitudes of too many Republicans in Congress continue to be the same as the defeated Trump as have been bourne by the outcome of Trump's Senate impeachment trial and negotiations of a proposed $1.9 trillion economic stimulus legislation. Many Republicans have not budged from their Trump-era stances of self and party over Republic and international influence.

Democrats and President Biden should immediately proceed to demonstarte that America is back as a leader and as a stalwart of democracy at home and abroad. Although rejoining the Paris Climate Agreement has indicated a strong American intent back to global leaderrship, it is not sufficient.

Therefore, two needed actions to resoundingly announce the return of the rational might and power of the United States (US) are: first; domestically pass the $1.9 trillion economic stimulus that many state and local governments, small businesses and people are anticipating to ease the impact of COVID-19; second; internationally lead an immediate strong effort to return democracy to the people of Myanmar.

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