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A Failing of Humanity - Selling Children for Family Sustenance, by Peter Boyce

Posted on October 26, 2021 at 10:55 AM

[NB: I took a much needed break (from writing) from bleeding my heart and feeelings out in love and in servitude to humanity. After four-trying years of bearing witness to an unprecedented assauilt upon humanity, democracy and decency under the Donald Trump presidency, I thought the adaptation back to some forms of normalcy for humanity under a new President Joe Biden and Vice-President Kamala Harris, would be easy. It hasn't. In the United States (US), Trump and his cohorts remain as stumbling blocks to the continuity of democracy and western rational thought. And across the globe from Sudan, to Afghanistan, to Syria, to Brazil, to Poland, to Hungary, to Latin America and elsewhere, there are examples of other failings of humanity. So i've returned to bleed a bit more in admonishing humanity to mend its ways.]

Perhaps the most heart-wrenching example of humanity's failing is that revealed in recent news reports of families in Afghanistan, living under the returned Taliban regime, forced to sell children in order to obtain means for mere sustenance. According to the report by the BBC-News, an "Afghan baby girl sold for $500 by starving family" amid a stark warning from the United Nations (UN) that millions will die if urgent aid does not reach Afghanistan soon. "Afghanistan is facing the biggest humanitarian crisis in the world, with the country seeing a sharp deterioration in the situation since the Taliban seized power in August," the BBC-News reported.

Some international funds to Afghanistan have dried up with the return of the Taliban to the helm of the nation of 40-million people. With the Taliban not allowing girls in schools as well as many women back into the workplace, obviously, international donors are very concerned about financing such a system. Therefore, a secondary effect of Taliban rule sadly brings the selling of children for family sustenance - a gouging blemish upon modern humanity.

Any and all sales of persons should be condemned in spite of any known cultural acceptances. Modern humanity must reject any and all circumstances and conditions that yield such extreme practices. 

The socio-economic conditions of Afghanistan are sadly too similar to other jurisdictions, including, Yemen, Syria, Central African Republic, Sudan, and Venezuela. Impacted by war, internal strife, the COVID-19 pandemic and Climate Change, many more nations will join a growing list of peoples who will fail humanity's norms in desperate attempts for unsustainable short-run relief from long-term problems and issues.

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