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Russian Failure - Iranian Opportunity, by Peter Boyce

Posted on March 8, 2022 at 11:35 AM

The utter failure of Vladimir Putin and his Russia to live up to their required responsibilities toward Global security and to the protection of humanity has created an opportunity for Iran to rise from isolation, to endorse the normalities of modern society, to reject terrorism, to embrace the right of all people to a homeland and to generate much needed revenue.

Russia's deadly invasion of sovereign Ukraine was made possible by Putin's confidence that the World could not function without his Russian "gas station". New imposed sanctions on Russia for the action against Ukraine have apparently not deterred Russian forces from prepetrating widespread death and destruction deeper into Ukraine.

Therefore, as more nations ponder addition sanctions on Russia, including restrictions on Russian energy imports, in order to deter further Russian violence upon humanity, Iran, as a major energy producer, could benefit from the severance of Global dependability on Russian energy. [ The United States (US) earlier today announced a ban on Russian energy imports.]

However, Iran should take the necessary steps to demonstrate that it is willing to fully rejoin the international community and to affirm that it would not seek to export religious extremism across Iranian borders. This is an opportunity for Iran that might not surface again for a considerable time. 

Categories: The World