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To Ruin - Collapsing Russian Influence via Putin's Delusion, by Peter Boyce

Posted on March 14, 2022 at 8:55 AM

The apparent held impression by Vladimir Putin that the former Soviet Union was somehow wronged by the rest of the world when it met its demise, December 26, 1991, could be construed as a contributing factor to Putin's fallible invasion of sovereign Ukraine. Russia's deadly and destructive continuing invasion of Ukraine has placed the Federation on a path to international isolation and to self-ruin as Putin's Russia realizes significant collapse of influences once held.

The international community has stood before the United Nations (UN) and has condemned Russian actions in Ukraine. Some 141 nations voted before the General Assembly (GA), on March 2 to condemn Russia; voting in support of Russia were Russia, Belarus, Syria, North Korea and Eritrea. Of the 35-nations abstaining from voting to condem Russia, notables included, China, India and Cuba.

The international community has stood in unity in explicit condemnation of Russia's violence exacted upon the Ukrainian people and country. International sanctions are beginning to bite the Russian people with the wealth and property of oligarchs seized as long lines begin to form within Russia for basic banking and other services. Yet, Russian forces continue to bombard Ukraine, closing in on the capital, Kyiv.

Reports surfaced earlier this morning suggesting that Russia, beginning to reel from the effects of Western sanctions imposed for invading Ukraine, has reached out to China for military and economic assistance. Whether or not China capitulates is squarely left to the Communist Party of China (CPC) and its leadership. If China, based upon recent pacts it has signed with Russia, comes to Russia's assistance, then Beijing clearly risks a reversal of economic wealth realized in the past two decades because Western nations would be left with no choice, but to penalize China as a co-conspirator in the crimes against humanity being committed in Ukraine. Again, any decision to help Russia rests solely with China.

Russia's path to ruin has been paved by Putin's assault upon Ukraine acting upon his delusion that some external entity was solely to blame for the demise of the Soviet Union and not the historical processes of political, economic and ethnic disfunctions within the Soviet Union. Putin's delusion to rebuild an empire against all the norms of international law in a non-empire era, will bring stark dire realities to the Russian people. Collapsing Russian influence affirms the dread conditions Russia will face with or without the fall of Kyiv. 

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