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The Weakening of American Foreign Policy by 47 Senators

Posted on March 11, 2015 at 6:59 AM
The full and complete ramifications as fall out from a letter 47 United States(US) Republican Senators sent to the Supreme leader of Iran, while negotiations on a nuclear agreement between that country and the US Executive branch is ongoing, will be measured on the success rate of all future US foreign policy negotiations. 

Yet, one thing remains clear at this time. The American Senators have contributed to the weakening of US foreign policy for projecting a 'divided house' within the great US democracy.

Why would these 47 Senators, fresh off an address by Israel's leader to the US Congress in which he lodged objections to nuclear negotiations with Iran, send the open letter to Iran informing of hypothetical changes to any agreement Iran might reach with the US on nuclear issues post the Obama Presidency?

Is the action in violation of the Logan Act that bars contact with a foreign entity during government negotiations with the said foreign entity? Is the action treason? Is it racist? Is it political?

Whatever the intent, these 47 Republican Senators have weakened the credibility of US foreign policy negotiations and they have projected a divided US to the International community. Thus, history henceforth, must duly record the events and the developments that are brought to wrought by this Republican action.

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