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The "Unfathomable" Execution of a Nine-Year-Old Boy - Chicago's Retention of Relics of Ignorance

Posted on November 7, 2015 at 10:54 AM
A nine-year-old boy, Tyshawn Lee, was recently lured from a playground to an alley in Chicago, Illinois, and executed - shot several times reportedly in retaliation for his father's gang affiliation.

Tyshawn's execution, one of 391 and increasing murders in the Wind City so far in 2015, and described as "unfathomable" by a city official, sadly underscores a still present ignorance by some bewildered folks in some urban centers. The young lad's murder indicates that the sphere of ignorance is yet too broad in the scheme of modern civility and of literate reasoning. 

That a criminal, or criminals would want to suffer a dad to the extent of executing his innocent son with multiple gun shots in an alley, affirms the prevalence of dangerous cold as stone hearted brutes, who are beyond rehabilitation and worthy of permanent removal from society.

Furthermore, the execution of Tyshawn, along with a spike in murders in Washington, DC, Chicago and other cities,  should serve as a final wake-up call to city leaders that the tradition use of after-school programs to curb the crime rate, is not sufficient anymore. 

The evolution of community affairs demand that minorities not be relegated to minimum-wage jobs at super stores, but be given access to home-ownership and business creation and development. The circumstances that be giving rise to spikes in crime from time to time will continue until full and fair opportunity is given to adult minorities to build personal wealth through home ownership and business creation.

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