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Needed Accountability, by Peter Boyce

Posted on February 9, 2021 at 9:40 AM

In lieu of any admittance from Donald Trump to accepting and admitting responsibility for the seditious assault and insurrection upon the Legislature of the United States (US), January 6, 2021, then it is fitting that Congress, thus having the authority, explicitly assigns accountability for the violent attack on democracy to the former president.

Today's second impeachment trial of Donald Trump - he being the first US President to be twice impeached, is an exercise of a political process to duly assign accountability and responsibility for the violent insurrection upon the US Capitol, which resulted in deaths, desecration of the hallowed people's house: to wit the United States Congress, and a global spectacle of an unprecedented attack upon American democracy. That Trump incited the crowd of his supporters whom he addressed before the violent event, is clearly self evident. 

However, even as some witnesses and some victims of the violent attack, many Republicans appear not inclined to hold Trump responsible for the insurrection. So the raucous former president might not be found guilty at his trial before the Senate because not enough Republicans are willing to place Republic over party in joining Democrats to convict Trump for the seditious act upon the Capitol.

But via Trump's Senate trial, history will duly take note to forever etch into the annuals of time the flawed and dangerous actions of a former president and the damage he has done to American democracy and to democracy as a whole. Today's trial of Donald Trump comes from the importance for needed accountability for violent actions against people, the American people.

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