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No Concessions to Russia

Posted on June 15, 2021 at 10:55 AM

When United States (US) President Joe Biden meets tomorrow with Vladimir Putin, in Geneva, Switzerland, Biden should make no concessions to the Russian leader.

In lieu of coincessions, President Biden should seek to caution Putin of greater Russian isolation, along with possible broader and more in depth sanctions on top of some already in placed, as punitive acts for Russian meddlings and agitations against international peace and security. 

It is imperative the American leader not overlook clearly established Russian links to assassinations and attempted poisonings on foreign sovereign soils, Russian meddling in Ukraine, agitations in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, as well as Russian connections to escalating cyber crimes. 

In recent years, humanity has suffered greatly at the hands of despots and authoritarians. Russia annexed Crimea and supported armed conflict in eastern Ukraine; Bashar al-Assad has prevailed in Syria amid tens of thousands of deaths and explicit evidence of crimes against humanity; Alexander Lukashenko has made a mockery of international law and the rule of law and human rights in Belarus; the Myanmar military has thrown democratic principles to the curb; allegations have sufaced of Russian torture of Africans in Central African Republic (CAR); all these events and others have a common link - Russia.

Therefore, no concessions should be made to Russia in light of established Russian actions. Westerners held illegally should be freed by Moscow. The international community should demand accountability and responsible world citizenship from Russia as the US and allies stand firmly and united against Russian meddlings and agitations.

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