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Standing In Its Own Defense - Ukraine Resists Russian Attack, by Peter Boyce

Posted on February 28, 2022 at 10:00 AM

The meek - out numbered and out armed, but persisting in battling the blundering mighty, clearly sums up Ukraine's resistance to Russia's violent invasion of its homeland.

Media reports have confirmed that the very large and supposedly well-equipped Russian invasion force, has been met in Ukraine by fierece resistance from the local army and people utilizing everything from western-donated sophisticated weapons as well as crude molotov cocktails. Ukrainians have downed Russian planes and helicopters and they have also destroyed Russian tanks, armored personnel carriers, fuel tankers, artillery pieces, cars and missile systems. Thus far, Ukrainians have been able to ward off occupation of their capital, Kyiv and other cities.

Vladimir Putin's order to Russian troops to invade independent Ukraine last week, was suppose to be an easy and quick overrun of the much weaker Ukraine. So Putin thought. Yet, without any North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) personnel to stand with them in defense of their territory, a 'fight-to-the-death' patriotism, a longing to retain sovereignty and a sound opposition to Russian dominance, have stoked Ukrainians to continue to resist the mighty Russia.

Ukrainian resistance is frustrating Putin. Twice last week he alluded to his nuclear arsenal and he has since placed his nuclear force on alert, a plausible indication the Russian leader's rational thought is fading faster than his violent incursion into Ukraine.

Most of the international community, with notable exceptions China, North Korea and Putin's co-hort Belarus, have moved to sanction and to isolate Putin's Russia. Even Switzerland, which historically has been neutral, but sensing the gravity of Putin's unprovoked attack upon humanity via the invasion of Ukraine, has now also moved to freeze all its held Russian assets.

Peace talks set between Ukraine and Russia come as some 500,000 Ukrainians are forced to become refugees and as scores continue to die beacuse of Russia's war on the sovereign nation of Ukraine. Could a ceasefire be accomplished? Would Putin recall his troops? Will there be a wider war in Europe? Only Vladimir Putin appears to hold those answers. The world should stand with Ukraine.

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