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Deterring the 40-mile Russian Convoy - Key to Any Sustainable Defense of Ukraine, by Peter Boyce

Posted on March 2, 2022 at 11:35 AM

Intelligence and media reports confirming a 40-mile-long column of Russian military forces moving toward the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, represents a great threat for widespread death and destruction to Ukraine.

Therefore, it now becomes imperative for Western nations to provide whatever assets are needed to Ukraine in order to deter a greater humanitarian tragedy of innocent people. The continuing Russian violation of Ukraine sovereignty should not be allowed to fester any deeper.

Bluntly, the long mass of Russian arms and soldiers invading Ukraine adds up to the unfolding of a preventable humanitarian tragedy. Recorded deaths and destruction leveled by Russia against Ukraine have already created a humanitarian crisis as some 800,000 Ukrainians have sought refuge in Poland, Romania and Hungary.

Words to the effect of standing in solidarity with Ukraine are not sufficient to avert a pending humanitarian disaster brought about by Russia's invasion of a sovereign state.

 Now is the hour to conduct at least one pre-emptive mission upon Russian forces in order to prevent unwarranted and unnecessary losses of human lives.

So, if the stalwarts of democracy sincerely care and wish to deter the continuing unprovoked slaughter of the people of a sovereign democracy, then along with imposed sanctions, they should disrupt Vladimir Putin's convoy of death from reaching any farther into Ukraine.  

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