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The Ukraine Reveal - Democracy is Severely Wounded, by Peter Boyce

Posted on March 3, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Among other conclusions, Russia's military invasion of a sovereign democracy, is clearly indicative that democracy - that democracy of liberty, opportunity and rule of law, is severely wounded.

I further submit that based upon the failure of other democracies to send military personnel to assist Ukraine against the violent assault by Russia, no new states will be added to the 'list of democracies' at any time soon nor in the foreseeable future. The reveal of Ukraine is certainly not encouraging to any new democracy seekers. On the other hand, some nations today, deemed democracies, could very likely make transitions to authoritarian states in the near future.

The continuing carnage being dealt to the people on Ukraine and brought to wrought by authoritarian Vladimir Putin and his version of Russia, attests to the impotence or blatant refusal of the so-called stalwarts of democracy to physically protect and to prop up besieged developing democracies that are not already members of the 'club' - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). Other European states and specific Asian nations and territories should take special note of the events in Ukraine.

Clearly, the tragic proceedings still unfolding in Ukraine reveal that democracy is severely wounded and that gone are the days when large and capable democratic powers would easily come to the assistance of almost any land in order to avert humanitarian tragedies and violent attacks upon states of their advocated and preferred form of government - democracy. 

Democracy has changed. The concept of the moral and the ideological necessity and obligation to protect any and all democratic states from violent invasion appears to have faded away. Wounded democracy that has also infested large powers, seems doomed to an indefinite convalescence. Best of luck to freedom seekers and fighters everywhere.

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