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The Inevitable Confrontation Between the West and Russia, by Peter Boyce

Posted on March 7, 2022 at 11:00 AM

Western leaders, especially United States (US) President Joe Biden, have repeatedly cited non interest in a direct scrimmage with Russia as a paramount reason for not sending troops to help defend Ukraine from Russia's deadly invasion. The said reason has similarly been named for not enforcing a "no-fly" zone over Ukraine.

Also, some defense and political analysts have suggested that Western troops on the ground or in the air of Ukraine, could trigger world war three. In brief, a fear of a direct confrontation with nuclear-heavy Russia has resulted in Western abstinence from sending forces to stop a humanitarian tragedy still unfolding in Ukraine. Thus, Ukrainians will continue to die at the hands of Vladimir Putin's Russian forces with no end in sight to the carnage upon humanity.

I submit that the Western Alliance - the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), faces an inevitable confrontation with Russia. When? That's the only question left to be determined. Russian actions under Putin have created much global insecurity and tensions over two decades. The critical reality of Putin's actions are that they have gotten more blatant, irresponsible, irrational and clearly more violent. 

Therefore, whether or not today, tomorrow, in six-months, or in six-years time, logically, Putin's mode of global havoc will continue to be more violent, thus unwaveringly demanding of direct NATO action. In sum, why wait for that which is inevitable when more lives could be saved today from the death-dealing attacks by Vladimir Putin's forces. 

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