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Again - Another Sorrowful Episode of Diminishing Civility in America, by Peter Boyce

Posted on May 25, 2022 at 1:15 PM

Yesterday, an 18-year-old male breached a classroom of innocent primary school children in Uvalde, Texas, where he shot and killed 19 pre-teen students and two teachers. Other victims of the violent massacre are hospitalized with injuries inflicted during the cowardly attack.

The sorrowful massacre in Texas represents yet another of the too many and often gun-perpetrated crimes in the United States (US) that stand as bitter examples of a diminishing civility across our beloved Republic amid the broad prevalence of too many guns in the hands of questionable folks.

Earlier this month, another 18-year-old, racially motivated, attacked and killed 10 shoppers at a market in Buffalo, New York. Also earlier this month, on the 13th of March, another gunman, 23, unloarded some 200 rounds of ammunition toward a school in Washington, DC; luckily, no lives were lost. However, prior deadly episodes at Columbine, Colorado; Sandy Hook, Connecticut; and Parkland, Florida; have made these names household items because of a shared tragic association to the too often school massacres in the America.

American society cannot sustain such rapid gun propelled crimes while maintaining its function as a world-leading community. Ease of access to guns and subsequent crimes committed, point to a clear decline in civilization in this western country. Violent evidence now suggest that America is attacking itself from within, thus inferring a possible collapse of a high-functioning civil society for which America is famouly known. 

Therefore, in ending  America's internal attack upon itself, the Republic, acting as one-unit, should admit the too high prevalency of guns and then act via a bi-partisan Congress, to limit firearm sales and possessions by mentally compromised people.

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