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Community Affairs Consultants

China Today Archives 2014



We represent the Globe here at Community Affairs Consultants, and in showcasing our diversity, we continue to welcome the writings of a very special friend, whose versions of China Today, are written in Mandarin.


Today, August 1, 2014, will be our final edition of China Today. Beginning tomorrow, August 2, 2014, we will replace China Today with Asia Today so that we may fairly examine the developments, the affairs, the issues and the achievements of all worthy Asian countries. Asia is changing, and large numbers of residents across the continent are eagerly embracing democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law. We intend to support and to encourage them all. Events in China will be incorporated into our broader analyses in Asia Today. We thank all of you in Asia who continue to read our postings and we especially thank you in China who have risked political fall out and your own freedom to assist us. May God Bless and keep you all. And may you find comfort in knowing that democracy, freedom, equality and the rule of law will come to China someday.

August 1, 2014

With many rights advocates imprisoned or headed to jail, with political rivals disbanded, retired, under house-arrest, under investigation or dethroned from power; Chinese President Xi Jinping has solidified his power in Beijing and is about to emerge as the sole Dragon of China.

Having jailed Xu Zhiyong and numerous other activists who dared to call for greater freedoms for the people of China, by placing professor Ilham Tohti and other advocates who championed the causes of the underprivileged under indictment, President Xi has systematically and virtually voided China of its most probable voices of social dissent.

By purging thousands of communist party members out of the administration of government on corruption charges, by jailing political adversary Bo Xilai and by launching an unprecedented investigation into a former and retired member of the Politburo Standing Committee, Zhou Yongkang, President Xi has deflated most sources of political competition.

Yet, there can be no celebration for Xi, for as he cements himself as the lone Dragon of Beijing, westward across China and just north of the silk road, a crisis evolves: the question of the Uyghurs and despite the heavy-handedness of security forces to quell the discontent of the people of Xinjiang, violent events of the past week underscore the fact that the situation there is far from being solved, but is evolving into a continuous dissent by Uyghurs over Beijing's failure to address their grievances. Moreover, social demonstrations in the south, southwest and rural China over land grabs and education funding, are still very much alive and active.

On the East and South China Seas, President Xi faces strong opposition from Japan, Vietnam and the Philippines among others over China's assertiveness and claims over the waters. Hong Kong will be seeking more democracy and greater autonomy from Beijing way before 2049. Taiwan, while reaching out across the straits to Mainland China for closer cooperation especially in the area of ease of family visits, shows no signs of ever rejoining the fold as a subject of Beijing rule.

So as President Xi ascends in Beijing, elsewhere, matters that could eventually effect his footing and security of power continue to swirl and to evolve.

July 31, 2014

Amid renewed violence in Xinjiang province, communist prosecutors in Urmuqi have indicted noted Uyghur academic Ilham Tohti with separatism. In custody since January, Tohti's detention has brought international criticism of China for its human rights policies. Though Tohti has been critical of the communists' treatment of Uyghurs, no record of his involvement or support of separatists sentiments exist. Yet, Tohti dared spoke out for the need to retain Uyghur culture in Xinjiang, and because of his stance, China has deemed him a threat, thus his arrest, detention, indictment, trial, conviction, sentence and possible death. Tohti's case is but another of many cases of rights abuses across China that are lodged against rights advocates while the international community continues to do business as usual with the communists in Beijing.

By Peter Boyce


July 30, 2014

For a number of weeks, China's security forces have been active in Xinjiang province dismantling alleged terrorist gangs, carrying out searches, making arrests and conducting public trials and sentences; all in an effort to stem a wave of violence in the northwest province that had transcended the borders of the restive province, to reach Beijing and Kunming, Yunnan province, among other places. The heavy-handed security force was meant to quash any violence by the minority Uyghurs and to dis-spell any notions of the re-creation of an East Turkestan state in western China. Many Uyghurs in China and overseas reasoned that acts of violence by Uyghurs in Xinjiang and across China, were manifestations of Uyghur dissatisfaction with domination by Beijing's Han majority government, which encroached upon Uyghur culture by suppressing Uyghur language, religion and economic growth.

Despite weeks of police actions to curtail violence in Xinjiang, early last Monday, dozens of Uyghurs and Han were killed in the Townships of Elixku and Huangdi in Shache(Yarkant) County, Kashgar Prefecture. Though news censorship in Xinjiang slows most news from the region, reports indicate that a protest, over a security force killing of a family back on July 18, turned deadly on Monday when other members of the killed family who had escaped to Elixku Township from Huangdi, the site of the killing, protested at a police station in Elixku and then took that protest back to Huangdi. Police have confirmed killing dozens of Uyghurs who attacked a police station, destroyed six cars and damaged 30, according to the BBC, and at least 13 Han have been reported killed. Precise numbers of casualties have not yet been made public by authorities.

By Peter Boyce



July 29, 2014

For many years churches across China, though censored by the government, have remained very apolitical; praying and strengthening the faith of the various congregations from Protestant to Catholic. The Church, to Chinese worshipers, has indeed become their rock - their sanctuary, a place of solace and of hope away from chaos and complexities of the wider society.

But recently, China's communists have intensified a campaign against the churches of China in an attempt to dethrone their reverend significance to the people. Evidence to this effect is best represented in Zhejiang province, where officials have carried out a systematic attack against churches by forcing them to remove the Cross from atop many churches. Authorities have explained their actions as a form of building code enforcement, but the raw numbers tell a different story.

In Wenzhou alone, some 130 churches have been threatened with Cross removal, according to the Associated Press(AP), or have had their Crosses toppled by the communists. Wenzhou is home to half of the 4,000 churches in Zhejiang province. About one-tenth of Wenzhou's Prefecture of 9,122,100 are Christians - the highest proportion of any major city in China. Some years ago, the communists encouraged many of the churches in the former foreign treaty port province to build to a grand scale so that foreign Christian Chinese investment money would trickle into the area. The money flowed. Some Crosses heightened the air at some 200-feet. Today, however, Beijing is witnessing an explosion of Christian numbers that might top 100 million. Demanding total allegiance to no other than to the Communist Party, officials have decided to lower the significance of that reverend symbol of Christianity: the Cross.

Last week, 200 parishioners of the Longgang Huai En Church in Wenzhou rushed to their church on news that the communists had arrived to topple their Cross. Parishioners cried and prayed as the Cross was removed from atop the church by hundreds of security officers. In Yaxia village, also in Zhejiang province, parishioners have started a 24-hour around the clock watch of the Cross atop the Yayu Christian Church for fear that authorities might return to topple it. Other churches have placed barricades and boulders blocking the driveways to their houses of worship in an attempt to safeguard their Crosses.

Churches have been very apolitical across China; but will this new attack politicized the houses of worship? Will the churches of China now determine that there are integral political and social roles a church must play as a "rock" of the people?

By Peter Boyce

虽然经政府审查, 教会在中国多年处于非政治化状态 - 从新教到天主教,着重进行祈祷和加强对其教的信仰。教会对中国的崇拜者而言,已经成为他们的磐石 - 他们的避难所,一个有希望和慰藉,远离混乱和广泛的社会复杂性的地方。


在温州就有大约130座教堂被威胁移除十字架,或由共产党将其推翻,根据美联社(AP)报道。温州约有4,000所教会,占浙江省的一半。约十分之一, 或9,122,100温州人是基督徒 - 在中国所有主要城市中是比例最高的。若干年前,共产党鼓励许多国外通商口岸的省建造一些规模宏大的教堂,以吸引外国基督教徒对该地区进行投资。资金流入,一些十字架也在约200英尺的高空树立。然而今天,北京经历基督徒人数可能突破1亿的爆炸。要求全面效忠共产党而非任何其他组织,政府决定降低基督教牧师符号的意义:十字架。



July 28, 2014

Should a government worker be penalized, not considered for promotion, proclaimed a flight-risk out of China, and deemed more corruptible because his/her spouse or child lives in another country? Guangdong's provincial government has fired 866 government workers because the officials had spouses or children who live overseas. These workers called "naked officials" are believe to be corruptible because a close relative lives outside China. Guangdong province investigated some 2,190 of these civil servants and determined that 866 would be fired. Others will be overlooked for promotion.

By Peter Boyce


July 27, 2014

Security and health officials in Gansu province recently gave the ok to remove four quarantine zones and 10 check-points across two towns following a bubonic plague fear. A 38-year-old man died on July 16 in the city of Yumen from bubonic plague after he fed a plague-infested marmot to his dog, reported the BBC. Health and security officials quarantined 151 people said to have been in contact with the man in both Yumen and the town of Chijin. After 9-days and observing no new cases of the dreaded plague, officials lifted the quarantine zones and check-points that had been set up in both towns. The bubonic plague killed millions of people in Europe in the Middle Ages and thousands in China in the 19th century.

By Peter Boyce

横跨两镇继鼠疫的恐惧后,甘肃省卫生安全部近期公布可以移除4个隔离区和10个检查站。英国广播公司报道,7月16日一名38岁的玉门市男子在喂他的狗带瘟疫的旱獭后感染鼠疫致死。卫生部工作人员隔离了与该男子在玉门和旗津镇接触的151人。经过9天的观察,可怕的瘟疫没有新的病例,官员们 解除了隔离区,并建立了两镇检查站。在欧洲中世纪黑死病杀死了数百万人;在中国19世纪该瘟疫导致数千人死亡。

July 26, 2014

"Hong Kong is more like a child of Beijing. It's a very cherished child of China," the sentiments of Chinese Roger Chen, who according to the Associated Press(AP), moved to Hong Kong to work with a hedge fund a year-ago from the mainland China. Chen's assessment of Hong Kong contradicts that of many life-long Hong Kong residents, who believe Hong Kong has not only grown up, but it has also left or is seeking to leave the 'nest', plus it also has its own children - all the electorate of Hong Kong, of which the majority desire democracy and not a life mandated and controlled by the communists in Beijing."'One country, two systems' is collapsing", AP attributed to 23-year-old Hong Kong university student Ray Kwan.

By Peter Boyce

“香港更像是北京的孩子, 是中国的一个非常珍爱的孩子,”中国罗杰·陈留给美联社(AP)的感触。 陈一年以前从中国大陆全家移居香港,在一家对冲基金公司工作。陈对香港的评估和许多本地香港居民相矛盾:他们认为香港不仅长大了,而且已经或正寻求离开'鸟巢',再加上她也有自己的孩子 - 所有香港的选民, 其中大多数渴望民主而不是终身被北京共产党控制管辖。“‘一个国家,两种制度’正在崩溃”,美联社23岁的香港大学生雷钧评价。

July 25, 2014

Having enjoyed a considerable measure of freedoms over time, and having to ponder the possibility of losing said freedoms or of having them abridged in the near future, are the varying prospects facing Hong Kong in the coming years. That all organisms naturally enjoy freedom, and that freedom remains a major tenet of natural law, no society could be expected to willingly forego or to surrender freedoms to another entity. History is densely dotted with examples of the struggles of humans dying to be free because by instinct, all organisms seek freedom.

So in respect of Hong Kong, I submit that the residents of that vibrant city will want to retain their present freedoms and that they will crave to be even freer in the coming years. That Hong Kong will patiently wear away under Beijing control until 2049, is but a fantasy of the communists. Thus, I venture to conclude that Hong Kong's electorate will demand greater freedoms and deeper autonomy away from mainland China in the future. Moreover, I opine that Hong Kong could emerge as a modern-day triumph of what the 1989 Tiananmen Square martyrs died aspiring to achieve.

By Peter Boyce

在一段时间已享有相当程度的自由,现在不得不考虑丢掉这些自由的可能性,或在不久的将来将被删节是未来几年香港所要面对的变化前景。所有生物自然享受自由,自由仍然是自然法的主要原则,没有一个社会会为另一个实体而自愿放弃或降低自己的自由。历史密集点缀着人类渴望< /span>自由因为本能而扎的例子,所有的生物体追求自由。

因此,关于香港,我认为这个充满活力的城市居民将要保留他们目前的自由,而且他们会渴望在未来几年中更自由一些。直到2049香港会耐心地在北京控制之下渐渐磨损只不过是共产党的幻想。因此,我抖胆说:在将来香港的选民会追求更大的自由和远离中国大陆更深入的自主权。此外,我认为香港可能成为 1989年有抱负的天安门烈士实现的现代胜利。

July 24, 2014

So after China 's National People's Congress(NPC) votes next month to allow or to disallow reforms of the Hong Kong electoral system, and Beijing's decision is sent back to the people of the former British colony for further consultations; at some point in time in 2015, the Hong Kong local legislature will get a chance to weight in on any reforms - to approve or to disapprove of Beijing's desires for Hong Kong. A two-third majority of Hong Kong's 70-member legislature would be needed to re-send a message for change to the electoral system to the local chief executive, who is then expected to report back to Beijing's NPC for its approval of any changes. Herein lies the trump of control Beijing holds over Hong Kong, and because of this, events in Hong Kong could get very spirited heading into 2015.

By Peter Boyce

因此下月的中国全国人民代表大会(全国人大)会决定允许或不允许香港选举制度的改革,以及北京的决定被送回英国前殖民地进行进一步磋商; 在2015年的某个时间,香港本地的立法将有机会衡量任何改革 - 认可或不认可北京对香港的愿望。重新递送一个对选举制度的修改,需经香港70名成员组成的立法机构的三分之二大多数成员认可,提交给地方行政长官,再由其预期回报给北京的全国人民代表大会来决定对修改的批准。这就是北京控制拥有香港的王牌优势,也正因为如此,到2015年香港的活动可以获得非常活泼的标题 。

July 23, 2014

Whether or not China's National People's Congress(NPC) decides to overhaul Hong Kong's electoral system when it meets next month, the matter will be deferred back to the people of Hong Kong for another round of public consultations. Hong Kong voters will have up until the end of this year, 2014, to demonstrate to their legislature their desires for a change in the selection process for the City's chief executive position. Based upon Beijing's decision at the NPC meeting, further consultations on electoral reforms for Hong Kong could become very spirited or become mere formality. Yet, Hong Kong residents are expected to reiterate their desires for universal suffrage and for the opportunity to nominate and to select their own leader from whom they deem fit, and that they not be forced to vote for candidates narrowly selected by a committee of Beijing loyalists.

By Peter Boyce

中国的全国人民代表大会(全国人大)下月开会时决定是否修改香港的选举制度,结果将返回香港进行另一轮的公众谘询。直到2014年年底,香港的选民都有机会证明自己对立法,对城市的首席执行官选举过程改变的愿望。根据北京在下月全国人大会的决定,香港选举改革的进一步协商 会变得非常活泼,或流于形式。然而,香港居民期望重申他们对普选的渴望,有机会提名和选择自己认为合适的领袖,而非被迫投票支持由北京忠党组成的委员会狭义提名的后选者。

July 22, 2014

When China's National People's Congress(NPC) meets next month to discuss possible changes to the electoral system in Hong Kong, it will decide one of three things in respect to reforms: 1) no changes to the system; 2) minimal changes but allow all of Hong Kong to vote for Beijing's pre-selected candidates; 3) allow full universal suffrage of the nomination and voting process.

I believe the NPC will propose the second option in an attempt to build better public relations with the electorate in Hong Kong, but residents will not accept this minimal compromise. Should the NPC select option one, pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong will speed up plans to shut down the central business district in the city. If the NPC is serious about true reforms and is interested in keeping Hong Kong as a system of the mainland, then the Standing Committee would select option three. Universal suffrage of the nomination and of the voting for Hong Kong's leader by the Hong Kong electorate will bring the most stability to Hong Kong.

By Peter Boyce

当中国的全国人民代表大会(全国人大)下月讨论香港选举制度改变的可能性,将决定涉及到改革三种可能性的其中之一:1)对原有系统不做任何改变; 2)最小的变化,允许所有香港选民投票选举北京预选的候选人; 3)允许提名和投票过程的全面普选。


July 21, 2014

Hong Kong is unique. It is a major financial and trading hub that has enjoyed measurable autonomy as a British colony before it was give back to China in 1997. Over the next couple of years leading up to 2017, Hong Kong will hold the position as a political laboratory into what democracy would look like someday over Mainland China. To this end, for the next couple of days, Community Affairs Consultants will look into the apparatuses that will effect Hong Kong's transition along with possible obstacles from Beijing.

First, the identity of the path Hong Kong will take to transition to its desired democracy and universal suffrage, will be revealed next month after China's Standing Committee of the National People's Congress(NPC), decides whether or not Hong Kong's electoral system needs reforming.

Many Hong Kong voters have already demonstrated a desire for universal suffrage and greater democracy when last month they endorsed an unofficial referendum for reforms to the selection process of naming their future leader from a narrow selection process favored by Beijing by having a selection committee determine who candidates could run. Close to 800,000 Hong Kong voters or close to a quarter of all the registered voters there prefer their leader to be selected by all the people or be picked by local political parties that gained at least five percent of the vote in the last Hong Kong election. They also proposed all of Hong Kong be allowed to vote for their candidate of choice.

Mainland China controls Hong Kong's national security and foreign affairs matters under a "one-country, two-systems" policy. But in recent years, Hong Kong has demonstrated a deepening aspiration for freedom and for democracy, a far cry from what Beijing allows on the Mainland. Any changes to Hong Kong's current structure would have to be reported and approved by Beijing. Thus, last week, Chief Executive Leung Chun-ying reported universal suffrage reforms for Hong Kong. But Pro-democracy groups in Hong Kong have criticized their chief executive of not expressing to Beijing Hong Kong's electorate true desire of an overhaul of the complete selection process. Leung sees no need to reform the selection process of having a small layalist Beijing group decide the list of candidates for Hong Kong's leader. But he desires universal suffrage in the vote from a list of candidates selected by Beijing; herein lies the difference of the chief executive's report to Beijing and the aspirations of many Honk Kong voters who demand reforms to allow the candidates to be chosen by the people or be nominated by local political parties and not be selected by a group of Beijing loyalists.

So this August, Beijing's NPC must decide whether or not to reform Hong Kong's electoral system based upon the report from the former colony's chief executive. The NPC Standing Committee's decision will weigh heavily upon the path Hong Kong decides to take toward greater freedom.[Tomorrow we look at possible rulings from the NPC and Hong Kong's reactions.]

By Peter Boyce



在上个月的非官方公投,很多香港选民已经表示了对普选和更多民主权利的愿望:由他们自己选择未来领袖,而非由北京的一个候选委员会决定候选人的狭窄选举过程。接近80万香港选民-四分之一的登记选民希望他们的领导人由全体人民来选择,或由在香港本地过去选举中获得至少百分之五选票的政党提名 。他们还建议所有香港居民允许投票支持他们所选择的候选人。


所以今年8月,北京全国人民代表大会必须根据来自前殖民地的行政长官的报告决定是否要改革香港的选举制度。全国人大常委会的决定将会很大影响香港如何迈出更大自由的路径 [明天我们将着眼人大的政策和来自香港的反应​]。

July 20, 2014

The death toll from yesterday's horrific traffic accident on the Hukun Expressway, Hunan province, has now risen to 43, up from 38. The fiery early morning crash of an alcohol-laden truck rear-ending a passenger bus that caused a five-hour blaze that engulfed five vehicles, is now being investigated by a joint task force of the State Administration of Work Safety, the Ministry of Public Security and the Ministry of Transport. Preliminary findings by investigators indicate that the truck carrying the flammable cargo was modified from its original design and that the driver of the bus had not followed rest policy effecting the drivers of motor coaches after midnight. Saturday's accident occurred on the Shanghai to Kunming Expressway about 3:00 a.m.

By Peter Boyce

昨天在湖南省沪昆高速公路发生的可怕交通事故死亡人数由38人上升到43人。昨天清晨一酒精载货卡车与一巴士后部相撞,燃起了五个小时的大火并吞没五辆车,现正由安监,公安部和交通运输部总局的联合专案组进行调查。初步调查结果表明:卡车载着易燃物品是由原来的设计修改过的,公共汽车的司 机没有遵循大客车司机午夜后必须休息的政策。周六的事故是约凌晨3:00发生在上海至昆明的高速公路上。

July 19, 2014

The conditions of highways and roads and of vehicle safety across China, especially in rural areas, are emerging as concerns worthy of review in light of recent traffic accidents involving multiple-fatalities. Earlier this morning on the Hukun Expressway in Hunan province, 38 people died in a fiery accident when a truck hauling flammable liquid rear-ended a passenger bus setting off an explosion and the resulting carnage of death on the road. Both driver and passenger of the truck were killed along with many on board the bus. The flames at the crash site blazed for five-hours, destroyed a total of five vehicles and injured five more people before it was put out. A week ago, also on the roads of rural Hunan, 11 people including eight children, died when the stuffed mini-van in which they were riding plunged into a pond. To cope with China's increased vehicular traffic, highways and roads must be maintained at an optimum level and safety standards for vehicles brought to higher standards.

By Peter Boyce


July 18, 2014

"There is a need to amend the method" for selecting the chief executive of Hong Kong, it's current Chief Executive, Leung Chun-ying has reported to Beijing. Though Leung claims no fault of the present system endorsed by Beijing of having a 1,200 member committee select the leader, he has reported to Beijing that every eligible voter in Hong Kong should be able to cast a vote for the next leader. Yet, the popular universal suffrage movement in Hong Kong does not want the list of candidates to be pre-selected by Beijing loyalists, but chosen by all the people or political parties on the former British colony.

By Peter Boyce


July 17, 2014

An early arrival of the annual Typhoon season on the South China Sea is witnessing China's removal of a deep sea oil drilling rig from the waters off Vietnam. Beijing says that the rig has completed its task as Typhoon Rammasun barrels toward mainland China after killing 38 in the Philippines. Vietnam has asked China not to bring anymore rigs into its territorial waters. Maybe tensions will abate on the South China Sea now that the rig has started back home to China?

By Peter Boyce

在中国南海每年台风季节的提前到来,见证了中国从越南水域迁移深海石油钻机。在台风威马逊桶在菲律宾造成38人遇难后,北京说该钻机已完成任务。越南要求中国不要在其领海增添新的钻机。现在该钻机已回老家中国,或许中国南海的紧张局势会相对 减弱。

July 16, 2014

"Our family comes here to raise awareness of the deteriorating situation of religious freedom in Nanle and in China." The sentiments of the daughter of a preacher as she arrived to freedom in America following the jailing of her father for 12 years recently because he feuded with local authorities in China. We reported on this event on China Today, July 4, 2014. Pastor Zhang Shaojie, of the Nanle County Christian Church, was jailed for 12-years by Chinese communists on charges of gathering crowds and of fraud. He feuded over land with local communists in Nanle County, Henan province. After he was jailed, his family was denied exit from China on June 23 at Beijing Airport where they were monitored by Nanle and Henan security officials. Concern United States(US) church groups assisted the family in leaving China through Southeast Asia and they arrived in Texas, U.S.A. yesterday - to freedom, and to opportunity to worship at will. Zhang's daughter, Huixin; her husband Sun Zhulei and their daughter Sun Jiexi, have been cleared to stay in America.

By Peter Boyce

“我们家来这里是提高对宗教自由在南乐和中国日益恶化的局势的意识。” 一个传教士的女儿,在她父亲因长期与地方当局争斗而被判入狱12年后到达自由的美国时感叹说。我们在2014年7月4日今日中国报道了这一事件。南乐县基督教堂牧师张少杰被指控为聚众和欺诈的罪名而判入狱12年。他长期与河南省南乐县当地政府有土地纠纷。在他被判入狱后,6月23日在北京机场,他的家人被河南省和南乐县的保安监视而禁止出境。美国教会团体协助该家庭经东南亚离开中国,昨日到达美国的得克萨斯州,一个自由和遂意愿崇拜宗教的土地。张的女儿,汇鑫;和她的丈夫孙竹磊,他们的女儿孙捷茜已申明留在美国。

July 15, 2014

Has China's President Xi Jinping consolidated unto himself enough political power and strength to bring unprecedented charges of corruption against a former member of the powerful Politburo despite the likelihood of a political fall out from members of China's old ruling elite? Thus far in his fight against widespread corruption in the Communist Party, Xi has sacked, prosecuted and jailed large numbers of Chinese officials on corruption charges. While Bo Xilai remains the biggest tiger jailed so far, indications, as reported the BBC, are that the former head of public security and head of China National Petroleum Corporation(CNPC), Zhou Yongkang - retired member of the Politburo's Standing Committee, could become the biggest tiger ever charged in China. He has been under house arrest and some $14 billion in assets have been seized from his family. Should Zhou be officially charged, then President Xi would have completed his rise to the position of sole dragon of Beijing.

By Peter Boyce

中国国家主席习近平是否掌握了足够的政治权力来对付中国的旧统治精英-前政治局的一名成员前所未有的腐败?到目前为止,在他反对普遍存在的共产党腐败的斗争中,西已经解职,起诉和监禁了大批腐败的中国官员。虽然薄熙来到目前为止依然是获刑最大的老虎,据英国广播公司报道 ,原公共安全与中国石油天然气集团公司(CNPC)总裁,政治局常委的退休成员周永康 ,可能会成为被控诉的中国最大的老虎。周已被逮捕,大约140亿资产被查封。如果周被正式起诉,习主席将上升为北京唯一蛟龙的位置。

July 14, 2014

Has the utilization of child labor fueled China's big factory production output? South Korean electronics maker Samsung has temporarily suspended business with Chinese firm, Dongguan Shinyuang Electronics, over evidence of child labor used on the company's production line. After New York rights group, China Labor Watch, accused Samsung of employing children, the BBC reported that the South Korean electronics giant followed up three audits of its Chinese supplier company with an investigation that revealed the used of child labor at Chinese production plants run by Dongguan Shinyuang Electronics. Whether or not the use of child labor is prevalent in production factories in China, any discoveries to this effect go against International conventions and should raise questions as to the continued girth of China's production output at its factories.

By Peter Boyce

使用童工会促进中国大工厂的产量吗?韩国电子厂商三星在得知东莞新旸电子公司的生产线雇用童工的证据后,已暂停与中国公司的业务。英国广播公司报道:在纽约人权组织和中国劳工监督指责三星雇用儿童后,韩国电子巨头跟进,对中国供应商公司进行三次审计,审计揭示了由中国莞新 旸电子经营的生产厂雇用童工。是否使用童工在中国的生产工厂普遍存在?此举是违背国际公约的,也应对中国的工厂产量继续增长提出疑问。

July 13, 2014

Yet another case of cyber-espionage involving the theft of American technology to be resold to China has surfaced in the United States((US). American prosecutors have charged Su Bin, the head of a Chinese aviation technology firm, with hacking into the computer systems of large US defense contractor firms like Boeing to steal information about fighter jets, military cargo aircraft and weapons. Prosecutors charge that Su and his co-conspirators were trying to sell the stolen data to state-owned Chinese firms, the BBC reports. Su was arrested in Canada late last month as he sought Canadian citizenship. Last week an American court sentenced chemical engineer Walter Liew to 15-years in jail for stealing US firm Dupont's formula for the manufacture of titanium oxide and selling it to Chinese firms. Last month American prosecutors also indicted 5 Chinese military officers on cyber-espionage charges.

By Peter Boyce

网络间谍活动,涉及美国技术盗窃转卖到中国的又一起案件在美国出现。美国检察官指控苏斌,中国航空技术公司的负责人,黑客侵入美国大型国防承包商公司,如波音,的计算机系统窃取战斗机、军用运输机、和武器信息系统。英国广播公司报道,检察官指责苏和他的同谋 试图把偷来的资料卖给中国国有公司。 上月在加拿大,当苏申请加拿大公民身份时被捕。上周美国法院判处化学工程师沃尔特廖先生15年的监禁因其窃取美国公司杜邦氧化钛的制造公式出售给中国企业;上个月美国检察官还指控5名中国军官进行网络间谍活动。

July 12, 2014

For stealing American technology and selling it to Chinese firms, a chemical engineer has been convicted and jailed for 15-years in the United States(US). Walter Liew,56, was convicted and sentenced in US court this week for the economic espionage against Dupont Chemicals. Liew stole Dupont's trade secrets for the manufacture of titanium oxide and sold them to Chinese firms for $28 million. Titanium oxide is a widely used compound essential in the manufacture of cars, paper and a long list of every day items. Liew, who was born in Malaysia to Chinese parents, was also fined $28.3 million by the US court. His company was also fined $18.9 million. His wife awaits trial on charges of obstructing justice and other offenses.

By Peter Boyce

在美国一个化学工程师窃取美国技术并出售给中国企业,被定罪并判入狱15年。沃尔特廖先生,56岁,本周美国法院判处其杜邦化工的经济间谍活动罪名成立。廖先生窃取杜邦的钛氧化物制造的商业机密,以2千8百万美元的价格出售给中国企业。二氧化钛是一种在汽车,造纸和很多日用 物品的制造中广泛使用的复方精油。出生在马来西亚,父母是中国人的廖,由美国法院罚款2千8百30万美元,他的公司也被罚款1千8百90万美元。他的妻子以妨碍司法公正等罪名的指控正在候审。

July 11, 2014

Eight kindergarten children died when the over crowded make-shift school bus minivan - design to carry seven, in which they were traveling careened into a pond in Changsa, Hunan province yesterday; killing all 11 on board including two teachers and the driver. This accident - a tragic loss of life of children so innocent, ought to be shameful to Beijing authorities; for as the communists continue to splurge on spending in many sectors, funding for education in rural China is inefficient. The BBC reports that education cuts have resulted in the closure of many rural schools forcing children to travel long distances to school in over crowded minivans and buses. Similar accidents over the last three years have killed some 33 children from Jiangxi to Guangdong. New rules and safety specifications put into place by Beijing to combat such tragic accidents fall short of achieving the goal. Rural education in China needs funding.

By Peter Boyce

昨天在湖南省长沙市,过度拥挤的校用面包车导致八个幼儿园孩子去世。 该七人容量的包车像脱缰的野马驶入一个池塘,所有11名乘客(包括两名老师和司机)全部遇难。这起事故 - 无辜儿童生命的悲剧性损失应该使北京当局感到羞愧。共产党人继续在许多领域挥霍消费,但中国农村的教育经费却非常低。英国广播公司报道说,削减教育经费已经导致许多农村学校强迫孩子们长途跋涉,搭乘拥挤的小型货车和巴士去上学。从江西到广东,类似的事故在过去三年中已经导致了33名儿童丧命。北京新实施的规则和安全规范以防止此类意外悲剧似乎是功亏一篑。在中国农村教育需要资金。

July 10, 2014

Among many people China censored while a United States(US) delegation including Secretary of State a John Kerry visited Beijing this week, was noted author, Tsering Woeser who has advocated for Tibetan rights. This sole action by Beijing to place the writer and her husband under house arrest after they received an invitation to dine with the US delegation, reaffirms the communists intent to stifle dissent and human rights even as it conducts business with the stalwart of democracy and freedom. Yet, in welcoming the US delegation to the pod of communist power, President Xi Jinping remarked that a US- China confrontation would be a disaster. He said: "China-US confrontation, to the two countries and the world, would definitely be a disaster." Xi is right. It would be a disaster. But only a disaster to the communist who would inevitable be stripped of power to control the will and determination of so many people. It would be the liberation of a people who would attain the right to be free to speak, to assemble and to decide their own leaders.

By Peter Boyce

虽然昨天美国和中国在以减少温室气八个伙伴关系协定达成协议,在应对气候变化的最后的战斗中两国依然保持相当大的差异。在中国北京举办的与美国战略与经济对话上,中美两国在环境问题上都取得了一些进展,双方在八个方面的伙伴关系合作中同意通过分享信息和技术减少煤炭和温室气体。但在气候控制的大方面,主要的不同点是对所需的更新费用分配:中国坚持 支付与其他富裕国家不同的公式比例。

July 9, 2014

While the United States(US) and China agreed yesterday on eight-partnership pacts to cut greenhouse gases, considerable differences still remain between the two countries in the final fight against climate change. As China host the US at the Strategic and Economic Dialogue in Beijing, both countries marked some progress in environmental concerns by agreeing on eight partnerships designed to cut coal and greenhouse gases by sharing information and technology. But with regards the bigger policy of climate control, a major difference as to the costs to implement needed changes still remain with China insisting it pays by a different formula than other rich nations.

By Peter Boyce

虽然昨天美国和中国在以减少温室气八个伙伴关系协定达成协议,在应对气候变化的最后的战斗中两国依然保持相当大的差异。在中国北京举办的与美国战略与经济对话上,中美两国在环境问题上都取得了一些进展,双方在八个方面的伙伴关系合作中同意通过分享信息和技术减少煤炭和温室气体。但在气候控制的大方面,主要的不同点是对所需的更新费用分配:中国坚持 支付与其他富裕国家不同的公式比例。

July 8, 2014

A choking smog in Beijing will greet the visiting United States(US) delegation at the annual Strategic and Economic Dialogue in the Chinese capital. Beijing's weather has been hot, humid, stifling-stagnant and polluted the last couple of days, so the US team led by Secretary of State John Kerry and Treasury Secretary Jack Lew, will witness first hand the importance for China to agree to greater efforts to combat climate change. Should China waver from pledging anything but full support to fighting climate change, then the US delegation should head home immediately, for if China fails to see the necessity of such a crippling condition, then Beijing will not see the need to cooperate on solutions to industrial cyber espionage, the valuation of the Renminbi nor on rules to ease tensions on the East and South China Seas.

By Peter Boyce

在中国首都的年度战略与经济对话上,北京市窒息的气氛将迎接来访的美国代表团。北京的天气前几天就已经炎热,潮湿,令人窒息 和污染。美国队为首的国务卿约翰·克里和财政部部长杰克·卢将第一手见证到中国同意进一步努力促进气候的改变对其重要性。如果中国不全力支持应对气候变化,美国代表团应立即打道回府。因为中国既然没有看到这样一个瘫痪环境的必要性,那么北京也不会看到在其他方面解决方案合作的必要性:如工业网络间谍,人民币的估值,和缓解东部和中国南海的紧张局势的规则。

July 7, 2014

"History is history, and facts are facts. Nobody can change history and facts." China's President Xi Jinping, quoted by the New York Times, speaking at a ceremony in Beijing earlier today on the 77th anniversary of Japan's war with China. Xi in condemning efforts by Japan to revise views of Japan's history of military aggression also added "...Anyone who wants to deny, distort or beatify the history of the invasion will definitely not find agreement from the people of China or the rest of the world." It was on July, 7, 1937, the Japanese Imperial forces who had already overrun Manchuria attacked Beijing. It is historical fact that Japanese forces were brutal, fierce and violent to opponents throughout the war theater. The 1937 Nanjing Massacre underscores the brutality of Japanese troops to civilians. Yet, President Xi's allegations of Japanese view of history is hippocratic. While President Xi calls on Japan to make all types of apologies and admissions as to its factual brutal war past that is know to the whole world, at home the communist leader and his Beijing authoritarians distort and contort history every day with repressive acts upon preachers, lawyers, activists and the Press. Maybe President Xi could set an example for Japan by first admitting Beijing's brutality and violence against its own people in the various cultural revolutions, Tiananmen Square in 1989 and the daily stifling of expressions across China?

By Peter Boyce

“历史就是历史,事实就是事实,没有人可以改变历史和事实。” 纽约时报引用中国国家主席习近平今天早些时候在北京的一个中日战争77周年典礼上的讲话。希谴责日本修改军事侵略的历史,并补充说:“......任何人想要否认,歪曲或被判侵略历史,绝对不会被中国人民和的其余世界所接受“。在1937年7月7日,早已侵占满洲的日本帝国军队进攻北京。在整 个战区中日本军队对对手残无人性的屠杀和暴力是历史事实。 1937年的南京大屠杀突出了日军对平民的残暴。然而,习主席对日本的历史性指控是希波克拉底。当习主席要求日本道歉和承认其世界周知的真实残酷的战争历史时,在家里共产党领导人北京的独裁却每天都在扭曲历史,镇压传道人,律师,活动家和新闻记者。或许习主席可以给日本人做个榜样,以自己为例,首先承认在不同的 文革中北京的暴行和对本国人民的暴力,1989年天安门广场的惨案,和中国各地的日常沉闷气氛。

July 6, 2014

On the East and South China Seas, it is apparent that rising behemoth China has singled out its smaller communist neighbor, Vietnam, as the guinea pig of its assertive aggression. Prior thoughts by Beijing of footballing the Philippines instead of Vietnam, have obviously been tabled ever since United States President Barrack Obama visited the nation of islands and reaffirmed to its people that the US will honor all security treaties with the Philippines should it ever be attacked. In light of US defense of the Philippines, China has chosen Vietnam as an assumed weaker opponent upon which to trod in its expansion onto the South China Sea. China 's placing of the oil rig Haiyang Shiyou 981 off the coast of Vietnam, it's plans to place an additional five rigs in the region and its arrest of Vietnamese fishermen, all underscore China's choice of an assumed easy foe on the seas. Yet, Beijing should be cautioned that memories of China's brutality toward Vietnam in a 1979 battle, are still fresh on the minds of many angry Vietnamese. Thus, what might appear as an easy prey on the surface, might eventually lead to circumstances and events facilitating China's rapid decline.

By Peter Boyce

在东部和南部中国海域,上升的庞然大物中国已经很明显的挑出其规模较小的共产主义邻居,越南,作为其张扬侵略的豚鼠。在此之前北京想踢的球是菲律宾,而不是越南。显然自从美国总统奥巴马参观该岛屿,并对其人民重申:如果菲律宾被攻击,美国将履行所有的安全条约。鉴于美国对菲律宾国防的支持,中国选择南,一个较弱的对手,作为其向中国南海扩展迈出的一步。在离越南的海岸线,中国设立的石油钻井平台海洋石油981,并计划在该地区设立另外五个钻井平台,以及逮捕越南渔民,都强调了中国选择越南作为一个较弱的海洋敌人。然而,北京应注意,中国在1979年对越南的惨烈战役,在 许多愤怒的越南人心中仍记忆犹新。因此,在表面上看似容易的猎物,可能最终导致境况和事件推动中国经济的快速下滑。

July 5, 2014

Tension - just like pressure, when it builds, it expands and expands. Unless released moderately, it ruptures violently under stress engulfing all open spaces available to it. I fear such a rupture is forthcoming on the South China Sea. China has claimed some 90 percent of the sprawling Sea through some tattered historical map. China's alleged historical claim has encroached upon the modern exclusive economic zones allotted through International law to its smaller neighbors. In spats with both the Philippines and Vietnam, with the former suing China at the International Court over Sea claims, China has heightened tensions on the East and South China Seas. Yesterday, China ratcheted up this tension even higher when it arrested six Vietnamese fishermen plying on the South China Sea. China alleges that the fishermen were involved in "illegal operations within Chinese territorial waters" close to Hainan province. But sailors in the region, according to the BBC, countered that the Vietnamese fishermen were in "common fishing grounds" when intercepted by China in the Gulf of Tonkin. So, yet another incident has been added to the stressing tension on the South China Sea.

By Peter Boyce

张力 - 就像压力,它形成,扩展和延伸。除非缓度释放,它会在猛烈地压力下爆发,吞噬所有的开放空间。我担心这种紧张状态即将在中国南海发生。通过一些破烂的历史地图,中国声称拥有约90%的广阔南海海域。中国的历史所属权侵犯了通过国际法划分给其较小的邻国现代专属经济区。在与菲律宾和越南的争端中,两国已向国际法庭起诉中国对海域归属权的侵犯。中国东海和南海的紧张局势日益加剧。昨天在中国南海,中国拘捕了六名越南渔民,进一步加大了这种紧张局势。中国声称,渔民在靠近海南省“中国领海内非法作业”。根据英国BBC报道,该地区的水手反驳称越南渔民是在“共同渔场” 时被中国在北部湾截获。总之,中国南海紧张局势又增添了一道压力。

July 4, 2014

A Christian Church Pastor who fought with Chinese officials over land for a new church for his congregation has been sentenced to 12-years in jail by communist authorities. As reported by the AP, Pastor Zhang Shaojie of the Nanle County Christian Church, in Henan province, was sentenced to jail on charges of gathering a crowd to disturb public order and fraud. Pastor Zhang's lawyer, Yang Xingquan told the AP, the church leader was involved in a land dispute with Henan officials as he tried to build a new church. Even though the pastor's church was officially sanctioned by the communists which allowed for worship only in state-monitored groups, Pastor Zhang was jailed for gathering crowds. Not even approved churches are immune from communist domination in China.

By Peter Boyce


July 3, 2014

That Beijing would seek to further control the religious freedoms of Muslims in Xinjiang province by restricting fasting during Ramadan - the Muslim Holy Month, amounts to compelling evidence of the stifling of religion and of culture Uyghurs have leveled against China's communist government. As reported by the BBC, some governmental departments have banned Muslim staff from fasting during Ramadan. Civil servants cannot "take part in fasting and other religious activities", the BBC quoted one governmental website as advising workers. Moreover, reports also detail a commercial affairs department and a government hospital of seeking from Muslim staff a signed written pledge not to fast during the Muslim Holy month. Obviously, imposition of such demands upon religious devotees, amounts to gross suppression of the exercise of religious freedom of the Uyghurs.

By Peter Boyce

北京将通过对在斋月- 穆斯林圣月期间禁食的限制进一步控制穆斯林在新疆的宗教自由,这是中国共产党政府对维吾尔人的宗教和文化的限制令人窒息的信服证据。据英国广播公司报道,一些政府部门禁止穆斯林员工斋月期间禁食。公务员不能“参加禁食和其他宗教活动”,英国广播公司援引一个政府网站对工作人员的咨询。此外,报告还详细描述了一个商业事务部门和一个政府医院要求穆斯林工作人员签署书面保证:穆斯林斋月期间不禁食。显然,对宗教信徒强迫这样的要求是对维吾尔人宗教自由的严重抑制。

July 2, 2014

No people who are free or partially free willingly trade away any of their freedoms. It is the nature of the free to be more free. So in respect of Hong Kong, island residents will never ever willingly accept deepening controls by Beijing's communists. In respect of pro-democracy movements, Honk Kong stands as an achievable do-over to Tiananmen Square and the crowning glory would be when island residents dedicate their full freedoms to those victims of the 1989 event.

By Peter Boyce


July 1, 2014

Tens of thousands of Hong Kong residents rallied for greater democracy earlier today with a march from Victoria Park to the Central district on this, the 17th-anniversary of the island being given back to China by Great Britain in 1997. Today's massive democracy march comes just after the conclusion of a well participated referendum poll on democratic reforms in Hong Kong. Some 800,000 residents voted for more democratic rights. Hong Kong's earnest stance for greater democracy has been acerbated by a recent Beijing white paper that concluded the communists have final say in respect of the affairs of Hong Kong. With the recent sound response to the referendum and with today's march by tens of thousands, Hong Kong has placed Beijing on notice that the former colony will not be iron-fisted.

By Peter Boyce

为了获得更多的民主,在该岛1997年由大不列颠归还给中国的17周年纪念日上,香港数万居民今天早些时候召集了从维多利亚公园到中部地区的游行。今天的大规模民主游行源与香港的民主改革全民公决投票后的良好结论。大约80万居民投票支持民主公投。香港追求更大民主权利的的认真态度由近 期北京白皮书所激化,白皮书总结说:共产党对关香港的事务最后说了算。回应最近的公投和今天的数万游行,香港已经给北京发出信号:前殖民地不会被铁腕所控制。

June 30, 2014

The polling is over and the results are in - Hong Kong seeks a more democratic international standard of the selection of its leader rather than Beijing's narrow desire to have a nominating committee of Beijing loyalists select the list of candidates. Some 792,808 voters participated in the Occupy Central referendum on democracy in Hong Kong. Over Beijing's objections, nearly one-quarter of Hong Kong's registered 3.5 million voters participated in the referendum. Of the votes, the winning proposal with 42 percent calls for the public, a nominating committee and political parties to select Hong Kong's leader. This proposal by the Alliance for True Democracy calls for candidates be nominated by 35,000 of Hong Kong registered voters or by a political party which got at least 5 percent of the vote in the last election for Hong Kong's legislative committee, the BBC reported. One of the two losing proposals in the referendum sought Beijing's wishes of having a communist loyalist committee select Hong Kong's list of candidates.

By Peter Boyce

投票已经结束,结果如下: 对香港领导者的选择,香港寻求更民主的国际标准而非有北京忠臣提名委员会挑选候选人名单。共有792,808的选民参加了占领中环在香港的民主公投,近四分之一(约350万)参加投票的香港注册选民对北京表示反对。获胜的提案,42%选票呼吁市民,提名委员会和各政党共同提名候选人。 由提名委员联署直接推荐,在上届中山立法会获得了超过5%选票的政党,或 得到35,000 选民支持的参选人均可获得参选人资格,英国广播公司报道。在全民公决中两个落败的建议,其中一个就是按北京的愿望有北京候选委员会提名香港候选人。

June 29, 2014

Response for democratic reforms in Hong Kong by locals has way exceeded expectations. As pro-Democracy group Occupy Central ends it's seven-day on-line referendum across Hong Kong gauging residents desires for universal suffrage, reports indicate that some 760,000 Hong Kong residents voted in the poll while organizers had expected only 300,000. Hong Kong residents were asked whether or not Mainland China's wishes of having only a nominating committee pick leadership candidates for the island should be replaced to allow anyone like international standards to seek candidacy. The full results of the polling should be made available on Monday.

By Peter Boyce


June 28, 2014

Noted Uyghur scholar and minority rights activist Ilham Tohti has been starved and shackled in a Chinese jail as he awaits trial on separatism charges at the hands of Beijing's communists. Tohti, who was detained in January, went on a hunger strike that said month, to protest the food he was fed that did not conform to Islamic law dietary principles. When his organs began bleeding, according to his lawyer, Li Fangping, Chinese jailers forced fed him milk. Li was only able to talk to his client this week after months of being denied access to Tohti. Earlier this week, Tohti told him that he was shackled and starved for more than a week by Chinese jailers in March following a mass stabbing at Kunming rail station where 29 people died. Communist officials have blamed Uyghur separatists for that tragic event among many others in Xinjiang province and elsewhere in China. Tohti's lawyer says he maintains his innocence of charges of separatism, and against a background that there is no evidence he ever supported separatism, according to the BBC, Tohti "believes that in his words and deeds, he has always sought to work for the country's national interests and the organic integration of the Han majority and Uyghur minority's common benefits," Li said of his client. Tohti's arrest is yet another one of the many human rights abuses China commits daily.

By Peter Boyce

维吾尔学者和少数民族权利活动家伊尔哈姆托蒂在中国的监狱等待对他“分裂主义”罪名的审判中,被挨饿并上了脚镣。托蒂,一月份被拘留开始进行绝食罢工,以抗议他的食物不符合伊斯兰法的饮食原则。据他的律师李方平,当他的器官开始出血时,中国的监狱保安强行喂他牛奶。被拒绝访问托蒂几个月后,李 本周才能够跟他的客户接触。本周早些时候托蒂告诉其律师,在三月份时当昆明火车站发生大规模的刺杀事件-其中导致29人死亡,他被中国监狱保安上了脚镣并挨饿了一个多星期。为所发生的悲剧事件,共产党指责许多在新疆及中国其他地方的维吾尔分离主义者。托蒂的律师说,对分裂主义罪名的指控,他坚持自己是清白的,而且没有任何证据显示他曾经支持过分裂主义。据BBC报道,托蒂“相信他的言行,他一直在为国家民族的利益,汉族和维吾尔族少数民族的共同利益的有机结合而努力工作,” 李提及他的客户。托蒂的被捕是又一个对中国承诺的人权自由的侵犯。

June 27, 2014

China's Zhang Zhijun has witnessed firsthand the value Taiwanese place upon their freedoms. Zhang, the communist director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, is winding up a visit to Taiwan in an effort to rally support for a trade pact between Taiwan and China which has come under much scrutiny in Taiwan. While protesters at Zhang's entry to Taiwan were few, several hundred protesters greeted him as he toured the pro-independence port city of Kaohsiung, on the south of Taiwan. In light of the Mainland descent he received in the port city, Zhang admitted: "We know that Taiwan people cherish very much the social system and the life style they have chosen...We in Mainland China respect what Taiwanese people have chosen." Taiwanese are devoted to freedoms of speech and of assembly.

By Peter Boyce

中国的张志军亲眼目睹l了台湾地方自由的价值。张,中国台湾事务办公室主任,对以支持台湾与中国之间的贸易协定为目的访问进行收尾。该协定在台湾受到很多评论。虽然张在台湾入境口遇到的示威者很少,但他参观台湾南部港口城市高雄时有数百名等候着他。鉴于他在港口城市感受到大陆的血缘,张承认:“我们知道 ,台湾人民非常珍惜他们的社会制度和所选择的生活方式......我们中国大陆尊重台湾人民的选择。”台湾致力于集会和言论的自由。

June 26, 2014

Some degree of comfort for an abused Sichuan woman sentenced to death, has finally come through recourse, and a rare reversal of a death sentence in China. Li Yan, who was brutally abused by her husband Tan Yong in a year-long marriage, was convicted and sentenced to death by a Sichuan court in 2011 for killing her husband. Before defending herself that resulted in the death of her husband, Li had complained to authorities about the abuse she suffered at the hands of her husband. He stubbed out cigarette butts on her face and chopped off part of one of her fingers. In November 2010 after her husband threatened to kill her, Li turned the tables on her abuser, beat him to death and dismembered his body. Evidence of the violence she suffered at the hands of her husband was presented to the Sichuan court. Yet, she was convicted and sentenced to death despite local and international calls for mercy. She appealed her sentence to the Sichuan High Court, but she was denied clemency. She appealed to China's Supreme Court, which recently issued a rare reversal of a death sentence in her case, paving the way for her re-trial in Sichuan. Maybe Justice could be tempered with mercy and Li be set free for defending herself from one of many women abusers in China.

By Peter Boyce

中国最高法院推翻了被虐待的四川女子死刑的判决,在中国非常罕见并值得安慰。在长达一年的婚姻中李彦惨遭丈夫谭勇的虐待,2011年李杀死其丈夫后由四川法院被判处死刑。李彦曾多次向妇联、派出所、居委会求助其夫的暴力虐待:拿烟头烧她的脸,并剁掉她的一个手指。 2010年11月后,丈夫威胁要杀死她,于是李奋起反抗,打死并肢解丈夫的尸体。李彦长期遭受家暴行为的证据被提交给四川法庭。尽管众多本地和国际长途电话呼吁宽容,李还是被判决杀人罪名成立,判处死刑。她向四川高级法院起诉,但被驳回;她向中国最高法院起诉,最近出现罕见的逆转:死刑被推翻。 这为她四川重新审判铺平了道路。也许正义会与怜悯相济,作为众多被虐待中国妇女中的一员,李彦因为捍卫自己的自由而被无罪释放。

June 25, 2014

Can the behemoth China sway Taiwan into abandoning youth objections to a trade pact with Mainland? And if so, would such an achievement establish trust of the Mainland by Taiwan and set in place a roadblock to a seemingly inevitable independence evolution of the former Formosa? Zhang Zhijun, the director of China's Taiwan Affairs Office, will visit Taiwan starting today to convince Taiwan that China wants to help. But Zhang's visit comes almost three months after students and protesters occupied Taiwan's Parliament for three weeks to demonstrate against the said trade pact they considered low on Taiwanese benefits but opening the door for Mainland to influence Taiwan. As reported by Reuters, the trade pact which was signed a year ago, remains stalled in Taiwan's legislature, but will be discussed by lawmakers during Zhang's visit. Fear of authoritarian China is widespread across Taiwan. Strong opposition demonstrated in March against the trade pact which seeks to engage trade in various Chinese and Taiwanese business sectors, infers that Taiwan will not easily fall into line to be ruled by Beijing communists.

By Peter Boyce


June 24, 2014

The systematic jailing of human rights advocates continue across China. Ten months after communist officials detained activist Yang Maodong who writes under the pen name, Guo Feixiong, Chinese officials yesterday indicted him on a charge of gathering crowds to disrupt order - a charged often used by Beijing communists to detain and to secure convictions of activists in China. Xu Zhiyong, the human rights advocate was sentenced to four-years in jail on a similar charge earlier this year. Many activists have been detained, jailed and sentenced under this charge of gathering crowds to disrupt order. This charge is retained by Chinese communists as a tool to suppress dissent so that there be no significant challenges to their authoritarian rule and power. So far, it has worked. But in Hong Kong and Taiwan, residents, aware and wary of Beijing's laws, are signaling that whatever happens, they will never voluntarily return to such a system of questionable rights.

By Peter Boyce

关押人权倡导者的系统在中国继续展开。在共产党官拘留活动家杨茂东(笔名为郭飞雄)的十个月后,中国官员昨天指控他“聚众扰乱秩序” - 和被拘留监禁的人权提倡者许志永同样罪名。今年早些时候许被判处有期徒刑4年。根据这项指控“聚众扰乱秩序”的罪名,许多活动家被拘留,监禁,判刑。这项罪名是中国共产党人用来作为镇压持不同政见者的一种工具,以保证对其权威和统治没有明显的威胁。到目前为止,它已经奏效。但在香港和台湾,居民了解 和警惕北京的法律,他们暗示无论发什么情况,决不会主动回到有问题的权力系统。

June 23, 2014

In a month-long crackdown on deepening violence in Xinjiang province, Beijing officials are today boasting of the arrest of 380 suspected terrorists and the destruction of 32 terror cells. Moreover Beijing confirms trying 315 people on related terror activity and executing 13, all in one month. Authorities have also reported recovering 264 explosive divides, 357 weapons - including bows and arrows and the seizure of 101 computers with extremist teaching materials. A success? The human arrests and weapon seizures are numerous, thus underscoring the fact that in Xinjiang, there exist much grievances of the Beijing government.

By Peter Boyce

在新疆长达一个月的深化暴力打击,今天北京官员声称已逮捕380名恐怖分子嫌疑人和3摧毁2个恐怖分子基地。在同一个月份,北京正在审判与恐怖活动相关的315人,已有13人被判刑。当局还报告收缴了264个爆炸装置,357份武器 - 包括弓箭和101台的电脑,其中含有极端主义的教材。成功了吗?逮捕的人和扣押的武器都有很多,从而也强调新疆对北京政府存在很多不满的事实。

June 22, 2014

In three days of polling that has witnessed cyber attacks against a civil movement in Hong Kong, nearly ten percent of Hong Kong's population of seven million residents have already voted in the pro-Democracy Movement referendum that calls for universal suffrage on the former British colony. Given back to China in 1997 under an agreement of "one-country, two systems", Hong Kong has grown used to measurable freedoms. Occupy Central, a pro- Democracy group in Hong Kong opened an online poll on a June 22 to gauge residents on universal suffrage for Hong Kong ahead of a 2017 vote on the island. Cyber attacks upon the group's website by detractors have prompted Occupy Central to extend voting until June 29. Response to the poll has outperformed expectations of 300,000 to reach 636,000 by this morning. Demand to vote has also seen the opening of 15 polling stations in Honk Kong this morning. While Beijing wants to retain the selection of candidates to be picked by a small committee of loyalists, Occupy Central is advocating that that position be rendered to the people - the people of Hong Kong to select their own leaders.

By Peter Boyce

在香港三天的网上调查已经见证了网络攻击对民事运动的影响。近10%的700万香港居民已经对呼吁前英国殖民地普选的亲民运动进行投票。追回到1997年在“一国两制”的协议下回归中国,香港早已习惯了有限制的自由。6月22日占领中环香港亲民主团体开设了一项网上调查,以了解有关居民对香港岛即将来临的2017普选的态度。根据该集团的网站评论,网络攻击迫使占领中环延长投票时间直到6月29日。回应投票已超越早期30万的预测,今早将达到63万6千人次。为满足投票的需求,今天上午又增设了15个投票站。北京依然希望候选者由一个小型委员会来挑选,占领中环则主张这个位置应该呈现给人民 - 香港人民。

June 21, 2014

As the Beijing government continues to find and to implement new rules and restrictions to retain control over an inevitable changing Chinese society, new events of mass violence continue to surface to underscore some of the changes coming to China. Thirteen assailants were killed by police yesterday in Yecheng County(Kargilik to the Uyghurs), in Southern Xinjiang province, after they allegedly rammed a vehicle into a police station there and set off explosives. Three policemen, according to Chinese media, were also injured in the attack. Yecheng, a remote town, along the road to the mountainous border with Pakistan, was also the scene of another violent attack back in 2012 when seven assailants were shot dead by police after hacking to death 13 people. Earlier this week, Beijing implemented new restrictions on "critical" news coverage and also barred Chinese journalists from reporting news outside of their beats and regions. Journalists must now seek permission from their bosses before writing "critical" reports that will obviously effect the coverage of news articles relating to the environment and pollution, corruption, food safety, social unrest incidents and human rights issues. Furthermore, Beijing has barred Chinese journalists from setting up their own web sites.

By Peter Boyce


June 20, 2014

A pro-Democracy campaign is heating up and gaining momentum in Hong Kong ahead of the 2017 elections there. Honk Kong the former British Colony which was handed back to Beijing in 1997, is ruled by China but with a measurable amount of autonomy accorded to residents under a 'one-country, two systems' agreement. However, increasing numbers of Hong Kong residents are demanding greater democracy and universal suffrage. Occupy Central, a pro- Democracy group in Hong Kong, has launched an unofficial online referendum to garner support for universal suffrage in the territory. The group opposes Beijing's efforts to exert control over Hong Kong. Beijing proposes that a small group of Mainland loyalists select those who will run in the 2017 election to govern Hong Kong. Occupy Central seeks that the people of Hong Kong elect whomever they please. Should Beijing not yield to the universal suffrage supporters, Occupy Central intends to occupy the city with sit-ins to demonstrate their democracy aspirations. Within one-and-a-half hours of the referendum opening on line yesterday at, 50,000 people had voted. Cyber attacks have slowed the site and to bolster their cause, Occupy Central has extended the online vote until June 29.

By Peter Boyce


June 19, 2014

United States(US) and Philippine troops will be destroying 'killer tomatoes' on the South China Sea next week. The two allies will engage in naval exercises near the Scarborough Shoals that China duped away from the Philippines in 2012. The exercises using live-fire will involve about five war ships from both countries destroying sea targets dubbed 'killer tomatoes'.

By Peter Boyce

美国和菲律宾军队在下周将摧毁中国南海的杀手番茄”。这两个盟国将于靠近士嘉堡浅滩 进行海军演习。使用实弹演习将涉及两国大约艘五军舰,摧毁的海上目标“杀手番茄'。

June 18, 2014

While no smiles were exchanged before, during or after yesterday's Hanoi meeting between Chinese and Vietnamese diplomats on disputes of the South China Sea; Hanoi could this morning enjoy a token of solace and comfort because of promising news coming out of the United States(US) Senate. No compromises were made on Vietnam's dispute with China over the placing of an oil rig off the Vietnamese coast when Chinese state councilor Yang Jiechi and Vietnamese Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh met yesterday. But in Washington, President Barrack Obama's nominated envoy to Vietnam, Ted Osius, told a US Senate confirmation hearing that it may be time to lift the ban of US sales and transfers of arms to Vietnam. Vietnam has asked that the restrictions be removed. Mr. Osius told US Senators: " There's really no better time than this year given the Vietnamese interest in a deepening partnership with us." So there is some measure of hope for Hanoi security.

By Peter Boyce

虽然昨天在河内就中国南海争端会议前,期间和会后中国和越南外交官之间都没有笑容,河内今天早晨应感到一丝欣慰:因为美国参议院发出的消息前途有望。就中国在越南海岸设置石油钻井平台的争端,中国国务委员杨洁篪与越南副总理范平明在昨天会面上都没有任何让步。但在华盛顿,奥巴马总统Ted Osius出使越南。在美国参议院确认听证会上提议:是时间解除美国销售和转让武器到越南的禁令。越南也要求该制约被解除。 Osius先生告诉美国参议员:考虑到越南的利益,实在没有比今年更好的机会加深越南和我们的合作关系。”所以河内的安全措施还是有希望的。

June 17, 2014

Will China and Vietnam find a solution to recent South China Sea disputes? The opportunity will come tomorrow when the two countries meet in Hanoi for their annual bilateral meeting between China State Councilor Yang Jiechi and Vietnam Deputy Prime Minister Pham Binh Minh. China's placement of an oil drilling rig off the Vietnamese coast should figure at the top of the agenda. Chinese foreign minister Wang Yi has made comments that China would not compromise on these disputes. In March of this year on the fourth day of the National People's Congress in Beijing, Wang confirmed that China "...will never accept unreasonable demands from smaller countries."

By Peter Boyce


June 16, 2014

In the ongoing saga of disputes between China and neighbors on the South China Sea, in response to China's announcement to build a school for 40 students on the Paracel Islands, the Philippine has objected. The Philippines accuse China of trying to populate the disputed islands while claims to the territory remain unsettled before the International Court.

By Peter Boyce


June 15, 2014

Which comes first the State or the Party? The State is the universal set of all the people. The Party is a subset of the State; thus, the State must come first. Someday the freedoms that Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang and others advocate, will be decided by the people, all the people across China.

By Peter Boyce


June 14, 2014

Beijing authorities have arrested celebrity human rights lawyer Pu Zhiqiang. Pu who has fought earnestly for the abolition of Chinese slab or camps, has been accused of creating a disturbance and obtaining personal information. Pu was detained by Beijing authorities along with countless activists prior to the 25th anniversary of the 1989 Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement. His formal arrest now means that he will be joining the growing lists of activists and lawyers, including Xu Zhiyong, in Chinese prisons. There appears to be no immunity from prosecution for activists in China.

So on behalf Xu Zhiyong, Pu Zhiqiang and all the silenced voices in the People's Republic of China, I caution the communists in Beijing with two quotes by Toussaint Louverture:

" I was born a slave, but nature gave me a soul of a free man."

" In overthrowing me, you have done no more than to cut down the trunk of the will Spring back again from roots, for they are numerous and deep."

By Peter Boyce


因此,代表许志永,浦志强和中国人民共和国所有沉默的声音,我引用图森 - 鲁威尔杜尔的两句话提醒北京中国共产党:



June 13, 2014

Zhejiang, Jiangsu and Guangdong provinces are emerging as the epicenters of a housing crisis in China. Housing sales have dropped 7.7 percent in the first quarter of this year across China. Volume of unsold homes in 35 Chinese cities have reached a five-year high. In Hangzhou and Nanjing new home prices have dropped significantly because of the large numbers of unsold homes, and angry recent buyers are demanding refunds of the amounts they paid against current prices. Angry home owners have broken windows of unsold units in protest of the actions of developers to lower the price of new units. In Guangdong, owners have resorted to blocking the entrances to developments to prevent potential buyers from viewing unsold units.

By Peter Boyce

个城市未售出房屋的数量已达到了五年新高。因为大量未售房屋,杭州和南京新房价格显著下降。愤怒的近期买家要求发展商支付与当前市场价格差额的退款。激愤的房主打破未售房屋 的窗户以抗议开发商降低新空房的价格。在广东,业主纷纷挡住了开发商的入口阻止潜在买家查看未售房位。

June 12, 2014

As activists yesterday burned copies of a policy document asserting Beijing's authority over Hong Kong, foreign business groups joined local tycoons to oppose a pro-democracy group's Occupy-Central campaign set for Hong Kong in the coming months. In a newspaper ad, the Canadian, Indian, Italian and Bahraini groups, urged Occupy- Central to rethink its protest. Will "one-country, two-systems" survive in a Hong Kong that has had a big sweet gulp of freedom?

By Peter Boyce


June 11, 2014

The United Nations(UN) is willing to mediate a settlement between China and Vietnam over claims on the South China Sea. This week both countries distributed dossiers at the UN asserting their claims; with China claiming about 90 percent of the sea, while Vietnam contends that China stops drilling off its coast. Both countries have had battles over the South China Sea since 1974 and as recent as 1988. The present dispute over Chinese drilling for oil within Vietnam's 200-mile exclusive economic zone adds to the ongoing saga on the South China Sea.

By Peter Boyce

联合国(UN)愿意调解中国和越南之间对中国南海主权的争议。本周这两个国家分别在联合国声称他们对中国南海的拥有权:中国声称拥有约90%的南海领域,而越南声称中国应停止在其海岸线钻井。自1974年以来和最近的1988年,两国对中国南海的拥有权一直有所争议。 目前出现的中国在越南境内200海里专属经济区开采石油议的争端增添了中国南海的传奇系列。

June 10, 2014

In light of pro-democracy protests planned in Hong Kong, Beijing warned the former British colony earlier today that there are limits to its freedom and that the "one-country, two-systems" doctrine should be upheld. But could Hong Kong become a do-over of 1989 Mainland with a stark different result?

By Peter Boyce


June 9, 2014

That China should consider as a "clumsy farce" the association of soldiers of the Philippines and Vietnam on the Spratly Isles to play volleyball, underscores China's true respect of its small neighbors. China should be mindful of the song: " I started a joke...that started the whole World laughing...but I didn't see...that the joke was on me."

By Peter Boyce


June 8, 2014

What is a secondary effect of a nation stirring up trouble with multiple nations? That those with whom you feud, though small, form an alliance to buffer your aggression. Such a scenario is developing on the South China Sea as China, having sparred with both Vietnam and the Philippines, has forced a seemingly prior unlikely alliance by the two. Yesterday, soldiers from Vietnam and the Philippines met on a disputed shoal, played volleyball, drank beer and discussed cooperation between the two countries in response to Chinese aggression.

By Peter Boyce

一个国家挑起与多边国家的麻烦会产生什么样的影响?那些与你不和的小麻雀可以形成一个联盟来缓冲你的侵略。这样的情景发生在中国南海边境。 越南和菲律宾先前两个看似不可共事的国家,正着手达成联盟。昨日,越南和菲律宾士兵们在有争议的南海沙滩聚会,打排球,喝啤酒,商讨两国之间的合作以应对中国的侵略。

June 7, 2014

Lawyers are beginning to protest across China because authorities have denied them access to their clients. About 20 lawyers started the protest yesterday outside the police bureau in Zhengzhou, Henan province; after the legal representatives were refused access to their clients detained by the government leading up to the commemoration of the June 3-4 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Democracy Movement. Many activists, lawyers, artists, journalists and academics, detained by the Chinese government in recent weeks, remain in custody across China.

By Peter Boyce


June 6, 2014

Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman Hong Lei complained on Tuesday that the United States(US), in asking that China accounts for the events of June 3-4, 1989 at Tiananmen Square, amounted to an intrusion in China's internal affairs. But the spokesman has failed to understand that just over 70-years-ago, people of his same character uttered the said sentiments as to Western inquiries into the rise of the Nazis and their treatment of Jews and others within Germany. The results are history. So, Hong Lei must know that many people, untouchable by the reach of Beijing, have moral and humanitarian interests in worldwide events involving the loss of so many lives whether or not it be 70, 40, 25 or 2-years ago.

By Peter Boyce

外交部发言人洪磊就周二美国在追求中国对1989年6月3-4日天安门广场事件的责任进行抱怨“美国干涉中国内政”。但该发言人并没有意识到70年前,德国同类也对西方查询纳粹的兴起及其对待犹太人和其他人在德国的态度得以抱怨。结果历史证明一切。洪磊必须认识到:在北京的影响力范围之外,在全球很多人都热切关注道 德和人道主义利益和涉及到这么多生命损失的世界大事。

June 5, 2014

That China is "strongly dissatisfied" with the United States(US) because the US honored the dead democracy seekers who were killed by the Chinese army at Tiananmen Square in 1989, means nothing to America. Chinese foreign ministry spokesman, Hong Lei, who said China was dissatisfied with the US action, also said that the US action "shows a total disregard of fact": what are the facts of Tiananmen Square in 1989? The United Nations and others have called on China for an accounting of 1989, yet none has come from Beijing which still prohibits mere conversation of the '89 Democracy Movement. But the US has honored those killed including the child of a 77 year-old woman whom China blocked from laying flowers where her child died on Tiananmen Square in 1989.

By Peter Boyce


June 4, 2014

On this second day of commemoration to the "martyrs" of the June 3-4, 1989 Democracy Movement, we give our support to the voices of the victims of repressed freedoms that one day, all Chinese people - Han, Uyghur, Tibetan, Mongolian and other minority groups, will be free; free to practice a religion of choice, to assemble at will, to live in a place of one's preference, to access information and knowledge without restriction and to elect a government of the people by the people.

By Peter Boyce

在纪念6月3-4日,八九民主运动“烈士”活动的第二日,我们支持那些自由受害者的呼声。 有一天,所有的中国人 - 汉,维吾尔,藏,蒙等各少数民族,都会获得自由:自由选择宗教的信仰,自由集会,自由居住在偏爱的地区,自由获取信息知识而无限制,和一个由人民选举出的人民的政府。

June 3, 2014

Today, we honor those who died, those injured, those jailed and those whose lives were profoundly upended by the brutal army attack upon students in Tiananmen Square, June 3-4, 1989. Your desires for freedom of the Chinese people have not yet been realized, but your spirit continues to inspire many to demand to be free. Those of us, who are free, will always remember you. May God bless your souls.

By Peter Boyce


June 2, 2014

The lives sacrificed for the want of freedom and democracy can never be forgotten. The Hundreds of students who died, who were injured and who were jailed, suffered for a noble cause. Thus, proper honor must be bestowed upon the victims of the '89 Democracy Movement.

By Peter Boyce


June 1, 2014

Beijing's first admission that serious social, political and economic causes do exist to Uyghur grievances, were confirmed by President Xi Jinping last Thursday at a high level meeting. Though President Xi failed to explicitly mentioned the sources of much Uyghur grievances, his remarks that the Communist Party intends to raise incomes and education spending along with enroll inn more children in school in Xinjiang, in an attempt to alleviate ethnic tensions there, infers knowledge of the problems Uyghurs have and continue to face. These new overtures to the Uyghurs, of free education through High School and a guarantee of employment for at least one member of each family, are long overdue. Moreover, Premier Li Keqiang's proposal to promote bilingual education among the Uyghurs, is also a welcoming gesture. But President Xi's understanding of the Uyghurs might fall short of effecting true results among the Uyghurs in light of his statement that the communists would be "helping religion adapt to a socialist society." Religion is older than the Chinese civilization. Members adapt to a religion - a religion doesn't change. Islam is Islam. Christianity is Christianity. Buddhism is Buddhism. Judaism is Judaism. Hinduism is Hinduism.

By Peter Boyce

北京首次承认:严重的社会,政治和经济原因确实存在与维吾尔族人的不满,上周四习近平在高层会议上得以证实。虽然习主席没有明确提到的维吾尔人不满的原因,他提出共产党意在提高维吾尔人民的收入和教育支出,以及使更多的新疆孩子入学,以期缓解种族紧张局势。他指出这些问题的存在已经明确并要继续面对。这些新的措施,对维吾尔族实行高中免费教育和确保每个家庭至少有一个成员的就业问题,姗姗来迟。此外,总理李克强提出推动维吾尔人之间的双语教育,也是很受欢迎。但习主席对维吾尔人的理解可能会影响其结果功亏一篑,在他的发言中提到共产党人将“帮助宗教适应社会主义社会。” 宗教早于中国文明。大家应适应宗教 - 宗教不会改变:伊斯兰教是伊斯兰教, 基督教是基督教,佛教是佛教,犹太教是犹太教,印度教是印度教。

May 31, 2014

Human rights, to honor and to respect human rights: that was the rallying theme from the United States(US) Congress, to the Communist Party of China yesterday, as survivors and political refugees of the June 3-4 Tiananmen Square student democracy uprising, relived their dashed aspirations for freedom before the House Foreign Affairs Committee. Student leaders of that event for democracy in China; Chai Ling, Yang Jianli, Yan Xiong, Zhou Fengsuo and Chen Qinglin, told the US Congress that despite the actions by the communists in Beijing, "a spirit of democracy" and for freedom still lives within the Chinese people. Congressman Chris Smith, chairman of the committee on Global Human Rights, said that in moving forward with any relation with China, the US should demand better human rights for the Chinese people from the Communist Party.

By Peter Boyce


May 30, 2014

Today, the United States(US) Congress will call upon the government of the People's Republic of China(PRC), to allow all Chinese to "openly discuss the tragic events of June 3-4, 1989 - without censorship, harassment or arrest." Congressman Chris Smith(R), New Jersey, and Chairman of the subcommittee on Africa, Global Health, Global Human Rights and International Organizations, of the House Committee on Foreign Affairs, will make this call of the PRC following a meeting this morning showcasing the heroes of Tiananmen Square, who survived and escaped the 1989 event. Survivors Chai Ling, Yang Jianli, Yan Xiong, Zhou Fengsuo and Chen Qinglin, will explore with US law makers "how the aspirations of the Tiananmen Square heroes and martyrs continue to inspire the Chinese people and why the Chinese government still bans and violently suppresses all discussion of the demonstrations." Chairman Smith will reaffirm after the meeting that: "Promoting human rights, democracy and the rule of law is not only in the interest of the Chinese people, but also a cornerstone of US foreign policy interest."

By Peter Boyce

今天,美国国会将呼吁中国政府让所有中国人“公开讨论1989年6月3-4日发生的悲惨事件 - 没有审查,干扰或逮捕。” 在今天上午举行的1989年天安门广场事件幸存者的英雄展示会上,新泽西州众议员克里斯·史密斯(共和党) ,同时任职非洲,全球健康,全球人权和国际组织,众议院外交事务委员会的小组委员会的主席将向中华人民共和国呼吁。幸存者柴玲,杨建利,熊焰,周风莎和陈清林将与美国的法律制定者探讨“如何使天安门广场英雄和烈士的愿望继续激励中国人民,和中国政府为什么仍然禁止和强烈压制所有的示威讨论“ 。主席史密斯将在会议上重申:“促进人权,民主和法治,不仅符合中国人民的利益,也是美国外交政策利益的基石”

May 29, 2014

That Beijing authorities have started a crack down and monitoring of smartphone social media apps such as We Chat and others, across China, reportedly, to prevent the spreading of rumors, violence, terrorism and pornography; amounts to yet another intrusion and restriction upon Chinese people out of fear of a major incident occurring on an approaching fateful anniversary. Though, many jitters are being felt among the communists in Beijing, as the 25th anniversary of the Tiananmen Square Student Democracy Movement nears on June 4th, the communists should find solace in the fact that one of two things will happen: people will March in memory of the fallen students; or two: they will not march. More than likely, Beijing will witness no major disruptions on the fateful anniversary. Yet, the communists need to look to the future in solving the grievances of the Uyghurs in Xinjiang; to address concerns of Chinese of air pollution; and to settle disputes with neighbors on the East and South China Seas.

By Peter Boyce

据报道,为防止谣言,暴力,恐怖和色情的传播, 北京当局开始在全国范围内严厉打击和监管智能手机的社交媒体应用程序,如“微信”;似乎是在接近重大事件的周年出于对国民的恐惧和限制。6月4日天安门学生民主运动25周年纪念日的临近,北京虽然感受到许多不安,但他们对可能发生的事件应感到慰藉:1)人们会游行以纪念倒下的学生,或 2)他们不游行。 最可能的是,在这周年纪念日北京不会遭受任何重大破坏。然而,共产党必须着眼于未来解决维吾尔新疆的问题,应对中国恶劣空气污染的关注,并解决中国与东部和南部邻国海洋的争端。

May 28, 2014

In a throw back to a time when mass and public trials were held to instill fear in the population, China yesterday tried and convicted 55 suspected terrorist and separatists in a mass public trial with 7,000 spectators at a stadium in Xinjiang. The very public event in Yili, in northern Xinjiang province, close to the Kazakhstan border, was obviously meant to convey to terrorists their likely punishment. But will such public displays ease tensions or radicalized sympathizers in China and across the borders? Terrorists must be punished. Are spectacular events of punishment a deterrent?

By Peter Boyce


May 27, 2014

As part of the ongoing operation to stamp out terrorism in Xinjiang province, Chinese authorities yesterday announced the arrest of another five suspected terrorists. Police reported the arrests in Hotan, southern Xinjiang, along with the destruction of two bomb making sites and the seizure of 1.8 metric tons of raw explosive materials. Authorities have said those under arrest are Uyghurs, part of the minority Muslim population on Xinjiang.

By Peter Boyce


May 26, 2014

Security officials in Xinjiang province have reported breaking up 23 "terror and religious extremism groups" and arresting 200 suspected terrorists so far in this month of May. Yet, two violent attacks in Urumqi that have killed a total of 34 and injured 173, have all taken place in the last month. Revelation of the number of groups and the number of arrests, begs the question as to exactly how much discontent exists in Xinjiang? What are the causes? Can authorities arrest and jail all minority youths in their 20s and 30s as a solution to the Xinjiang violence?

By Peter Boyce

新疆报道,从本年月份至今治安人员以破获23个“恐怖和宗教极端主义团体”,逮捕200个恐怖分子嫌疑人。然而,在乌鲁木齐市的两起暴力袭击事件致使34人死亡和173人受伤也全部在上个月发生。团体和被捕人数的多少引出了一个问题:在新疆到底有多少不满的人存在?原因是什么?当局可以逮捕和监禁所有20 和30多岁的少数民族青年作为解决新疆暴力事件的答案吗?

May 25, 2014

Chinese authorities have called on terrorists in Xinjiang province to surrender within the next 30 days, offer information on other suspects or criminal activity, and receive minor punishment or exemption from punishment. If suspected terrorists fail to take this option, Beijing authorities have pledged that they will be "hunted down and punished". A large contingent of security forces have been dispatched in Xinjiang following last weeks attack in Urumqi, at a market, killed 31 and injured 94 people. But the question remains: Would brazen terrorists with the gall to plow vehicles into innocent people, set off explosives to harm, maim and kill innocent people, answer a call to surrender? The daring violence of recent bloody attacks across China upon innocent Chinese, infer an existence of a deeply bruised grievance by the perpetrators. While those guilty must be punished severely, Beijing needs to examine the causes of such violence with a view to addressing the concerns of the law abiding people of Xinjiang.

By Peter Boyce

中国当局呼吁新疆恐怖分子在30天内自首,提供其他犯罪嫌疑人或犯罪活动的信息,从而接受轻微处罚或免除处罚。如果恐怖分子嫌疑人不接受这个呼吁,北京当局承诺他们将被“追捕和惩罚” 。自从上周在乌鲁木齐一个市场的暴力袭击,致使31人死亡,94人受伤,一大批安全部队已分赴新疆。但问题是:厚颜无耻的恐怖分子会犁车无辜平民,燃爆炸弹,残害市民,他们会倾听劝言吗?血腥的暴力袭击最近遍布全国,无辜的中国人伤痕累累。在这些犯罪必须予以严惩的同时,北京需要认知引起该暴力行为的根源,以期解决守法新疆人对法律的关注。

May 24, 2014

The Beijing government has launched an operation to last one year to crack down on terrorists in Xinjiang province. Trucks of security personnel have already been witnessed on the streets of Xinjiang. What will these troops do in a year? What will happen to law abiding Uyghurs? Will such deployments in Xinjiang radicalize on the fringe Uyghurs? What are the grievances of Uyghurs? Beijing needs to tread carefully in executing such an operation among many who believe they have been disenfranchised by Beijing.

By Peter Boyce


At what point, and after what costs to human life, will the Beijing administration address gross grievances by people in Xinjiang and elsewhere across China? To address and to seek solutions to a festering problem, and to seek the root causes of such escalating violence upon innocent people, is not a surrender to terrorists. It is a vehicle by which to secure the general welfare of law abiding Chinese and all minorities. Recent acts of violence, like yesterdays horrid event in Xinjiang that killed 31 and injured over 90, are becoming too common place. These acts are obviously orchestrated by individuals who bare grudges. Officials must now ensure a dialogue among the law abiding people to ensure that their grievances are heard and are addressed and that grievances are not demonstrated in any form similar to past violent events.

By H. M.



国务院办公厅日前发文,要求促进公平就业, 拟进一步明确国有企业招聘应届毕业生信息发布的范围、公布渠道,以及招聘工作的流程等内容,使其更具有可操作性。细则包括四个方面:


二是 除涉密等特殊岗位外,都要实行公开招聘,并且还要在政府网站发布招聘信息, 。

三是省会及以下城市要放开对吸收高校毕业生落户的限制,应届毕业生可以凭毕业证书、就业报到证、与用人单位签订的《就业协议书》 办理落户手续 。


细则要求“国企应公开招聘应届生,公示拟聘人员”。但事实上,相对于国考和事业单位公开招聘,国企的招聘问题不少,招聘不透明,所谓的职工子弟指标大行其道, 不仅损害招聘公平性,也影响了国企在市场中的竞争力.在市场经济环境下,国企何以会热衷于完全不合乎市场法则的“很不透明”、“裙带化”用人方式,以致不惜“令裙带关系泛滥”? 如此看来,招聘公平仅是第一步。

有网友称,私企靠本事,国企只能靠关系了. 据反映, 国家电网湖北省电力公司4月份人都招完了,现在出台细则只是做样子.

May 22, 2014

It has happened again. There has been another violent attack upon innocent people in China killing 31 and injuring 96. This recent event in Urumqi, Xinjiang province at a busy market at 7:55 a.m. on Thursday, underscores the rise in violent crime across China in which innocent people fall victim. Classified as a "a violent terrorist attack", authorities will likely blame the minority Uyghurs for this recent episode of violence. Reports indicate that two SUV vehicles crashed through the barriers at a busy market in Urumqi, ran over people, set off as many as 12 explosions, then both vehicles crash head on with one of them exploding. Last month three people died and 79 were injured when bombs exploded at a rail station in Urumqi during President Xi Jinping's visit to the region. This morning's event in Xinjiang comes two days after a court there sentenced 39 people to jail for organizing terrorism, inciting ethnic hatred and ethnic discrimination and for illegally manufacturing guns. Also, the court in Xinjiang sentenced an Uyghur man to 15 years in jail for preaching Jihad to his son and another younger man. But this recent spike in violence allegedly involving Uyghurs, demonstrate a need for understanding of the Uyghur anger. Not that government should negotiate with terrorists, but a dialogue with law abiding Uyghurs is needed to study the causes and to find plausible solutions to the Uyghur assertions.

By Peter Boyce

灾难再次发生。 中国的无辜百姓又一次受到残暴攻击,导致了31人死亡,96人受伤 。这最近的一次暴力事件发生在星期四上午7:55 新疆乌鲁木齐的一个繁忙的市场,强调了在中国各地暴力犯罪的上升,无辜的人成了受害者。这次暴力事件被称为“暴力恐怖袭击” ,当局可能会责怪少数民族维吾尔人。记者报道,两款SUV车强行撞穿乌鲁木齐一个繁忙市场的障碍物,压过行人,引发多达12个爆炸装置,然后两车碰头相撞,其中一辆爆炸。上个月当习近平主席访问该地区时,炸弹爆炸在乌鲁木齐火车站 ,造成3人死亡, 79人受伤。今天早上新疆事件发生在法院判处39人因组织恐怖主义,煽动民族仇恨,民族歧视和非法制造枪支的原因入狱两天后。此外,新疆法院判处一名维吾尔男子15年监禁因为他对儿子和另一个年轻男子的传教“Jihad”。最近这次暴力事件据称涉及维吾尔人,充分证明有需要去研究认识维吾尔人的愤怒。这并不是说政府应该与恐怖分子谈判,但是应该与守法的维吾尔人进行对话,商锲,找到合理的解决方案。

May 21, 2014

Yet another violent attack has occurred causing multiple deaths within China. China Daily describes the incident as "a stabbing spree" in Lushan county, Pingdingshan city, Henan province. Eight people, including two children, were killed in the deadly event carried out by a lone man, who had grievances with at least two families in his village. Local reports suggest the man, who was arrested, also complained about his house having bad feng shui. This crime, part of an increase in violent incidents across China, and coupled with another attack that injured eight first and second-graders on Tuesday at a school in Macheng, Hubbei province; underscore the high level of stress many Chinese are feeling during these times of much change in China.

By H. M.


五月21日,夏季的第二个节气小满(grain buds)到来了,小满的含义是夏熟作物的籽粒开始灌浆饱满,但还未成熟,只是小满,还未大满。


小满, 它是一个表示物候变化的节气。 自然界的花草树木、飞禽走兽,按一定的季节时令活动 。 如植物的萌芽、发叶、开花、结果、叶黄、叶落、动物的蛰眠、复苏、 繁育、迁徙等,都是受气候变化制约的 。





May 20, 2014

The United States(US) government has charged five officers of the Peoples Liberation Army(PLA) with corporate espionage. Wang Dong, Sun Kailiang, Wen Xinyu, Huang Zhenyu and Gu Chunhui have been officially charged and declared wanted in the US for stealing corporate secrets from US nuclear, solar and steel companies.

By Peter Boyce


May 19, 2014

Chinese boats have arrived in Vietnam to evacuate Chinese workers following violent events of attacks by Vietnamese upon Chinese people and businesses, in response to China placing a deep sea oil drilling rig off the Vietnamese Coast, to which Vietnam has objected. In Myanmar, some Chinese workers have been kidnapped. In Cameroon, Africa, up to ten Chinese have also been abducted. How can China safeguard its nationals in such a vast world spectrum of business operations?

By Peter Boyce


May 18, 2014

This week in China, the Russians will come calling upon the government of Xi Jinping to consummate an energy deal worth billions of dollars. While this deal, on the surface appears to be a good deal for China to ensure a constant supply of energy, what will be the real costs to China? Given Russia's declining relationship with Western nations over Ukraine, and China's disputes on the South and East China Seas, what would be the secondary effects of this Russian energy deal to China?

By Peter Boyce


May 17, 2014

Time is running out for China and Vietnam to find a mutually agreed upon solution to the dispute on the South China Sea involving the deployment of a deep sea oil drilling rig off the Vietnamese coast. If no solution is agreed upon soon, the United States will enter the matter.

By Peter Boyce


May 16, 2014

The commerce ministers of China and Vietnam, will meet today at a regional trade ministers conference in Qingdao, Shandong province, and they are expected to discuss recent attacks upon Chinese businesses and nationals in Vietnam in reaction to China moving a deep sea oil drilling rig off the coast of Vietnam. While these talks are expected to hear China urging Vietnam to safeguard and to protect Chinese property and people, a solution or resolve to the deployment of the trigger of protest - the oil rig, is not expected.

The United States has described as "dangerous and provocative" Beijing's behavior in maritime disputes on the South China Sea. Meanwhile, China has indicated that it would not yield any ground in any of the disputes.

By Peter Boyce

中国和越南的贸易部长们今天将在山东省青岛市的区域性贸易部长会议上会面。 针对中国深海石油钻井平台迁移到越南的海岸,他们将讨论越南最近发生的对中国企业和公民攻击事件的反应。这此会谈预计会听到中国对越南维护和保障中国企业及人身安区的敦促,但对以抗议触发 - 石油钻机部署方案预计不会达成任何解决协议。


May 15, 2014

With every action, there is a secondary effect; and some of the effects of the current sea dispute between China and Vietnam is the death of some Chinese, the destruction or damage to Chinese businesses and the flight of a fearful 600 Chinese from Vietnam across the Cambodia border. Anti-China protests continues across Vietnam in response to China deploying a deep sea oil drilling rig off Vietnam's coast. Maybe it's time for a third party to mediate a solution to the dispute between the two parties.

By Peter Boyce


May 14, 2014

The souring relationship between Beijing and Hanoi communists is showing no signs of healing; instead, it appears to be festering. China's deployment of a deep sea oil drilling rig within the 200-mile exclusive economic zone of Vietnam, has set the stage for violent anti-China protest in Vietnam. Some 19,000 Vietnamese workers set on fire 15 Chinese(though most were Taiwanese) factories in Vietnam yesterday. And last Sunday, anti-China sentiment was the theme of protests in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City. China has claimed a historical right to the seas near Vietnam. At some point before the relationship between the communist entities decay even farther, some resolution or solution to the affairs must be reached.

By H. M.

中国网络词“no zuo no die”入美国俚语词典

腾讯网。跻身2013年微博十大网络流行语之一的“no zuo no die(不作死就不会死)”,近日被发现已成功被录入美国在线俚语词典Urban Dictionary(城市词典),引发网民组团前往围观“作”到国外的盛况。

该词典收录了很多常规词典里面查不到的流行英文俚语俗语,最新出现的还有“you can you up(你行你上啊)”和配套“附赠”的“no can no BB(不行就别乱喷)”。友情提醒一下,现在的出题老师都“很潮”,大家要及时更新单词库,以免挂科啊!

中式英语进化 拼音混搭英文近日,不少网友发现,刷微博时每天都会“偶遇”无数遍的“no zuo no die”,居然非常“高大上”地被录入了美国在线词典。有说法称出处来自高达动漫中的一句台词,但也有人指“作死”中的“作”发音zuō,是东北地区普遍都知道的地方性语言,意为“找死”,是“自作孽,不可活”的口语说法。

去年,“不作死不会死”在微博中被发扬光大,跻身各大榜单的年度网络十大流行语之列。而在实际应用中,网友也将“不作死就不会死”,简略到“不作不死”,如今再摇身变成“no zuo no die”,中国网络流行语三步走出国门!You can you up 一周2300个“赞”

至于一些大家用了多年的“gelivable(给力)”、“people mountain peoplesea(人山人海)”、“zhuangbility”、“long time no see”、“shability”这些“Chinglish”,在这个词典里也是一找一个准。记者发现,早期的中式英语,多是一些自造英语单词,或者将中文逐个译成英语后的汉语式拼接,就像人山人海、好久不见等。但如今,更多的中文拼音开始直接“侵入”英语中,就像“zuo”,以及更直接的“tuhao(土豪)”。


1999年,由当时就读于加州州立理工大学研习计算机科学专业的大一新生Aaron Peckham建立的Urban Dictionary,是一个解释英语俚语词汇的在线词典。目前该网站已有772万多条词汇定义,而且每天都在不断增加。


May 13, 2014

Commuter fears have been shaken yet again across China, as a packed bus in Yibin city, Sichuan province, was deliberated set on fire yesterday injuring 77, with 12 serious or critical. The AP has cited Chinese media reports that the lone arsonist passenger died in the attack. Three recent alleged terrorist attacks upon commuter hubs from Xinjiang to Guangzhou to Yunnan, have raised fears among commuters; and the attacks have prompted the Beijing government to increase security at some major hubs. This week police in Beijing started deploying 150 armed police vehicles across the city to counter street terrorism and violence. Added to the fear of possible terror attacks, Chinese commuters are also fearing the lunacy of acts of violence perpetrated by residents - their neighbors, who have personal problems or who may harbor deep discontent of the government. In Chengdu in 2009 an arsonist started a fire aboard a bus killing 27. In Xiamen, in June, 2013, a suicidal arsonist killed himself and 46 people aboard a bus. And in Guiyang in February of this year, an arsonist, convinced of his wife's infidelity, torched a bus killing 6 and injuring 35. With these combined arsonists and alleged terrorists attacks, China has entered a new era of armed policing. In Beijing and in Shanghai, once unarmed police patrols have given way to automatic- gun toting cops.

By H. M.

走在中国现代化的大街上、商店小铺旁、里弄胡同里, 或正在城镇化的乡村小路,你会发现烟民、特别是女性烟民越来越多。为此上网查看相关资料,果然证实了我的判断。

去年的抽样调查显示超过65% 参与调查女性抽烟。而且发现北京地区女性吸烟所占比例最高,为21%,另外山东6.3%、上海5.8%、四川地区5.4%。其他地区女性吸烟比例也比较高 。对于北京地区女性吸烟率较高这一情况,应该与现代社会女性白领吸烟率较高有关。


按地域比较,农村女性吸烟率(2.6%)略高于城市女性(2.2%)。中部女性现在吸烟率最高,为4.1%,而东部和西部女性吸烟率为1.5%和2.0%。此外,按职业比较,女性干部的现在吸烟率相对较高,达到4.1%。 当然本次调查是网络调查,可能具有一定的局限性。





May 12, 2014

Many Chinese are becoming more and more aware of economic decisions by the communist government and the adverse environmental results such decisions could bring to their provinces, their cities, their towns and their districts. Against a background of continued stifling pollutant air circulating across Beijing, Shanghai and many other Chinese cities; Chinese are becoming very concern over their environments and any decisions by the government they deem would bring more pollution to their abodes, are being met with staunch resistance. A prime example of this is the resistance of the people in the Yuhang district, Hangzhou City, Zhejiang province, who were bloodied by riot police on Saturday as they protested a planned waste incinerator plant in their neighborhood. Many people were injured in the protest and cars were torched. As one environmentalist told the AP: 'People are losing confidence in the way the government is handling these projects." In March similar protests occurred in Maoming city, Guangdong province as residents demonstrated against a similar negative environmental project by the government to construct a petrochemical plant. Residents across China want to breathe clean air.

By H. M.


据《新华网》。 对于禁演4部美剧,我们.不得不说,国人在面对窗外飞进的苍蝇、蚊子时,并不总是拥有邓小平那样伟人的勇气,在中国国力日渐提升甚至谋求文化输出的今天,竟然有人鼓吹关门闭户将欧风美雨拒之门外,守着自家温室里培育的影视工业过日子。这样的思维和行为无异于大清朝的闭关锁国。

中国人曾经靠“译制片”认识世界。 通过收看电视剧的方式认识世界,是译制剧独有的特色,也是这一类型剧自诞生那天起就一直受到国内电视观众喜爱的直接原因。

30多年前,中国人通过打开的国门望去,一切都是新鲜的,无论是前南斯拉夫这样的社会主义国家,还是英美日这样的旧日对手,电视剧里展示出的生活方式都令人好奇,乃至于模仿。而今,中国的开放远超往昔,出国体验早已是平常事 。



改革开放三十年成果不易,150年前中国的教训希望不要重演 !

May 11, 2014

Happy Mothers' Day to all moms across China, and a very special Mothers' Day to those moms whose children have been detained or jailed for advocating social freedoms.

By G. Z.








May 10, 2014

Two nations, one communist ideology, 1,000 years of conflict, recent friends, now growing adversaries again. China and Vietnam are in disagreement over China's deployment of oil drilling rig '981' on the South China Sea. China claims ownership to the waters and Vietnam declares that the rig falls within its 200-mile exclusive economic zone off its coastline. One year ago, the Hanoi government quelled anti-China protests across Vietnam. Earlier today, Vietnam security forces watched and did not impede anti-China protest in Ho Chi Minh City. Tomorrow, larger anti-China protests are being called for across Vietnam to include the capital, Hanoi.

By Peter Boyce

两个国家,同是一个共产主义意识形态,千年的冲突,最近的朋友,现在又渐渐成了的对手。中国和越南的分歧存在与中国对中国南海部署的石油钻机'981'。中国声称拥有该海域, 越南宣称钻机属于其200海里专属经济区海岸线。一年前,河内政府镇压了横跨越南的反中国抗议活动。今天早些时候,越南安全部队观看,但并没有阻碍在胡志明市反中国的抗议活动。明天据称跨越全越南,包括其首都河内,会有较大规模的反中国抗议活动。

May 9, 2014

That the Communist Party government of China has detained a 70-year-old respected and prominent journalist, goes to show the lengths and the breaths to which the Beijing Communists, will go to impede any possibility of social protests as the 25th anniversary of the Tienanmen Square Democracy Movement approaches. The communists have "criminally detained" Gao Yu, and she has been held since April 24, when she went missing causing friends and family to worry as to her whereabouts. The communists have finally confirmed that they are holding her, yet no news has surfaced as to the whereabouts of her son, Zhao Meng, who also went missing the same day as his mother. Activist Pu Zhiqiang was also detained by the communists on Tuesday. Gao, Zhao and Pu have now joined a lengthy list of civil advocates, who have been detained or jailed, by Beijing authorities as the June 4 anniversary of the '89 Democracy Movement approaches. Gao has been accused of leaking a supposed classified article "Document Number 9" to a foreign website. Document Number 9, which details the communists' intent to push economic reforms while maintaining ideological controls to prevent the spread of ideas such as democracy, civil society and freedom of the press, is no big secret. Anyone with a little bit of reasoning could dissect out of the Third Plenum of the Communist Party last Fall, the true intent of the communist to retain power in China. So the arrest of Gao and the earlier jailing of advocates such as Xu Zhiyong, all underscore the communists' intent of keeping power out of the hands of the Chinese masses. Document Number 9, is no secret. It lives, especially in this time leading up to June 4.

By Peter Boyce

中国政府已经拘留了一名70岁的受人尊重的著名记者,这正表明北京共产党对阻碍天安门事件25周年广场民主运动会社会抗议活动的可能性的长度和气氛。自4月24日高瑜的失踪引起朋友和家人担心现在终于证实被“刑事拘留”,但她的儿子赵萌,和他母亲同一天失踪,依然下落不明。活动家浦志强也在周二被拘留。现在高,赵,浦也加入被北京当局为六四周年'89民主运动的民间倡导者拘留或监禁冗长名单。高被指责泄露一个所谓的分类文章“9 号文件 ”给国外网站。9号文件其中详细介绍了共产党人的目标,推动经济改革,同时保持意识形态的管制,以防止意想,如民主,公民社会和新闻自由的传播,是没有什么大的秘密。任何一点点推理都可以剖析出在去年秋天共产党的十一届三中全会的真实意图是保留在中国的控制力。对高的逮捕和倡导者许志永的早期关押都表明共产党人在压低中国群众手中的权力。文件9号 ,不是什么秘密。生活会继续,尤其是在这领向6月4日的时刻。

May 8, 2014

A thriving organism flows and rises easily, but once weighted, the organism eventually sinks to the bottom and drowns. China's rise has been facilitated by many despite dire human rights abuses, arrests, imprisonments and censorship. However, the Communist Party has self-destructively raised old wounds with neighbors, encroached upon the sovereignty of others and domestically failed to address much discontent voiced by the people. Thus, with many conflicts possible with Japan, Vietnam, South Korea, the Philippines, Taiwan, Xinjiang, Tibet, Pakistan and India, China's rise is now weighted. Could the Communist Party cast off these variables to retain China's rise?

By H. M.


在当前“最难就业季” 看到“包分配”这样的问题,感到中国是时候进行深化改革了 。







[ 因为排版失误,今天重载了这篇五月一日版的文章。]

May 7, 2014

The apparent tranquility of a simple trip across China, once only broken by over crowded mass transit buses, trains and subways, appears to be permanently changing with the fear of an attack upon innocent Chinese commuters. It is imperative that the Beijing government address the social and economic causes giving rise to such brazen crimes. Security enforcement is not sufficient, real causes and reasons must be examined.

By Peter Boyce

在全中国,除了高峰期的超拥挤,乘公共交通巴士,火车和地铁旅行是非常平静的日常事。 最近对无辜中国乘客攻击的恐惧似乎打破了这种宁静,而且是永久性的改变。北京政府要着手解决引起这些无耻罪行的社会和经济原因迫在眉睫。安全执法是不够的,必须寻求其根源。

May 6, 2014

Another attack upon commuters, this time in Guangzhou, underscores the need for China to address the grievances of minorities. This latest incident has wounded six people. Recent attacks in Kunming and Xinjiang along with this more recent event, demonstrate that perpetrators are capable of operating from one geographical extreme in the northwest to another in the southeast despite heightened security. The mere fact that the Xinjiang event occurred as President Xi was winding up a visit to the area, clearly indicates that those guilty, strongly believe they have been harmed by Beijing. China must find a way to identify and ameliorate the causes of such deepening violence.

By H. M.


中国新闻网, 国土资源部部长姜大明主持召开第7次部长办公会议,研究养老用地供应与监管等有关政策。会议提出,要认真贯彻落实《国务院关于加快发展养老服务业的若干意见》,大力保障养老用地供应,规范养老用地开发利用管理,应将养老用地纳入国有建设用地供应计划。




May 5, 2014

Police in Xinjiang are hunting the relatives of one of the accused suicide bombers of the recent attack there that killed three, including the two accused, and injured 79. However, though it is normal procedure for investigators to interview relatives of persons suspected of such heinous crimes, Beijing should consider that families do not create terrorists, rather terrorists are born of socio-economic conditions. Questions as to the greater participation of Uyghurs into the development of Xinjiang must be answered.

By H. M.





农耕: 立夏时节,万物繁茂。 这时夏收作物进入生长后期,冬小麦扬花灌浆,油菜接近成熟,夏收作物年景基本定局,故农谚有“立夏看夏”之说。水稻栽插以及其他春播作物的管理也进入了大忙季节。所以,中国古来很重视立夏节气。


May 4, 2014

Chinese Premier Li Keqiang has described as just "growing pains" disputes arising over China's investment projects in Africa. Africans have accused Chinese bosses of unfair treatment at Chinese businesses in Africa. Also, with the ongoing disputes in Sudan and South Sudan, where China has invested heavily in energy, there have been a number of work stoppages at some oil fields and mounting concerns over the security of some fields and the security of some Chinese personnel. Africa, with a colonial past, will continue to view with suspicion, many Chinese and foreign investments there.

By Peter Boyce


May 3, 2014

The deepening crisis facing China with regards to terrorists events, presents a unique problem for Chinese in the future. Not only have attacks become more brazen and violent, but the methods of attacks have now changed from original knife assaults to include explosive devices. Moreover, attacks have also transcended Xinjiang province borders to include Beijing and Yunnan. The urgency to find, to identify and to address the sources of such terror cannot be underscored enough. People have a right to live free of the fear of terror.

By Peter Boyce


May 2, 2014

The dangers and the effects of terrorism upon a society are diverse and most unsettling. Recent terrorists events across China from Urumqi to Kunming, have placed average Chinese on edge. People are scared and they have become even more distrusting of strangers. This should not be. All people should have the right to travel and to go about their respective businesses without fear of falling victim to terrorism. Given the escalation of terrorist events, government while handing a heavy blow to those guilty of such crimes, must look into the root causes of such discontent that has caused individuals to sacrifice themselves in order to inflict pain, injury and death upon innocent others. A commission to study and to make recommendations to improve minority participation within the larger society, especially in Xinjiang, would be a good start. To live free of fear is a tenet of a good society.

By Peter Boyce

危险和恐怖主义在一个社会中的影响是多种多样,最令人不安。从乌鲁木齐到昆明, 中国各地近期恐怖分子的活动把普通的中国人推到了边缘。人人替提心吊胆,对陌生人更加不信任。这种现象是不应该发生的。人人都应有旅行和正常经营业务的自由权利,而不必担心成为恐怖主义的牺牲品。由于恐怖事件的升级,政府在从严处置和打击那些此类犯罪者, 同时也要寻求造成的这种个人牺牲自己,为了无辜他人造成痛苦,伤害和死亡不满情绪的根源。设立一个以改善少数民族在社会大范围内参与,特别是新疆地区,为宗旨的 委员会进行研究和提住针对性的建议和方案,将是一个良好的开端。人民能日常生活在无所恐惧的环境是一个良好的社会宗旨。

May 1, 2014

Beijing is blaming religious extremists Uyghurs for the bombing at a train station in Urumqi, Xinjiang province, that has killed three, including the two alleged attackers, and wounded 79. Beijing must now come to grips with the reality that relations with the minority Uyghurs are strained and ought to be addressed through dialogue - a method China, has always proposed to solving crises on the international stage. Some Uyghurs have obviously decided that their life conditions under Beijing rule merit drastic change - a change for which they are willing to die. So in the interest of innocents throughout China, force and suppression will not solve the Uyghur question, but some form of dialogue has to be established in order to solve the deepening troubles in Xinjiang and to create a secure environment for commuters across China.

By H. M.


在当前“最难就业季” 看到“包分配”这样的问题,感到中国是时候进行深化改革了 。







April 30, 2014

The United States(US) Government has placed a $5 million reward for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Chinese businessman, Li Fangwei. Li is wanted for illegally exporting arms to Iran. The US Treasury and Justice Departments have accused Li of exporting the arms to Iran through a network of firms between China and the US.

By H. M.

户口, 非婚生子女面临办户口难






"做不了亲子(鉴定)。 肯定户口上不了。上不了!反正没有街道的手续,肯定上不了!甭管是怎么生的,必须有街道的手续才能上(户)"......


仔细阅读我国的《婚姻法》,法规中明确规定,非婚生子女享有与婚生子女同等的权利,任何人不得加以危害和歧视。但是在实际生活中,作为非婚生子女,他们从出生时就活在不被社会认可的阴影中,道德层面不是我们今天要关注的重点,制度上的门槛,权利权益的保障,是今天我们呼吁的重点。非婚生子女这一特殊群体长期面临入户难、上学难、就业难等问题。户口、身份证这些具备法律权益的文件,对于非婚生子女人群,有着太多的限制和门槛. 对涉及一个孩子一生的话题,我们没有理由冷漠的一言以蔽之。制度需要理性,但制度也需要温度,需要最终体现对社会的真正关怀。

April 29, 2014

Protesters demanding that construction of Taiwan's fourth nuclear power plant be stopped clashed with police in Taipei yesterday. As reported by the BBC, police used water cannons to disperse thousands of demonstrators who blocked a main traffic route in Taipei. The Taiwan government on Sunday temporarily suspended work on two nuclear reactors but have refused to shutter the projects permanently. There is growing concern in Taiwan and elsewhere as to the safety of nuclear plants especially in light of the damages suffered by such installations from natural disasters like the Tsunami in Japan.

By Peter Boyce

台湾对进行核电站建设的安全和需要提出疑问, 示威者对进一步建造核电站的反对导致政府暂时停止在该岛新核电站的建造。

April 28, 2014

Cheng Chui Ping, Sister Ping, the "mother of all snakeheads" is dead. She died last Thursday in a US federal prison in Texas, where she was serving a 35-year prison term for smuggling. She died of cancer at age 65. Though a convicted felon, Sister Ping still commands much respect and admiration from many in New York City's Chinatown and in Flushing, New York, for having assisted thousands of Fujianese to come to America in the 1980s and 1990s. 47 East Broadway in New York City is synonymous with Sister Ping for it was out of that address that her operations helped thousands of Chinese to come to the United States.

中国2013年境外旅游消费1020亿美元 跃居世界第一

人民日报, 中国出境旅游交易会在此间发布的数据显示,我国出境游人数和购买力均跃居世界第一。


April 27, 2014

The cooperation agreement signed between five universities and education institutes in Beijing aimed at improving the quality of education in Beijing's Fengtai district is a good step in extending education in China. Beijing Normal University, the National Institute of Education Sciences, Beijing Institute of Education Sciences, Beijing Institute of Education and the High School at Tsinghua University, have all signed onto cooperating to build and to extend middle and high schools to widen the scope for participation to better quality education in the Fengtai district. Maybe such cooperation could be extended to other Chinese cities, where the expertise of universities, could positively effect the education of pre-college pupils. Such cooperation in education has already been put in place in a number of American cities involving a number of the US best universities.

By Peter Boyce





April 26, 2014

The United States(US) government investigation of banks hiring of children of powerful Chinese officials is widening to include other industries across Asia. The Investigation was launched sometime ago following the hiring of friends and children of Chinese officials by American banks. Observers complain that while most people played by the rules and went through the normal hiring process, friends and relatives of Chinese officials, appear to have an edge over all others. Now, the US "government is starting to recognize that there may be widespread abuse by the misperception" that such actions are not illegal. As reported by Reuters, companies across Asia, as a result of the investigation, have begun reviewing their hiring practices.

By Peter Boyce


中国高考已飞速临近,在经历数月甚至数年早起晚睡的辛苦拼搏,六月初的三天将是你命运的转折点。最重要的是鼓足勇气,做好最后的冲刺,不要让压力影响你的情绪和表现。 高考代表你的将来,中国的将来,和对整个世界经济文化影响。尽管面临着很强的竞争力,你要竭尽全力,做最好的准备。中国变化迅速,你的父母和祖父母一代所熟知中国已渐渐消失。农业为基础的中国已转变为以高科技为主的社会。城镇化和改革创新已成为中国的新主流。 集中精力,全力以赴。 祝你好运!

April 25, 2014

"Occupy Central with Love and Peace", the new movement in Hong Kong to safeguard liberalized changes to the electoral system there to assure universal suffrage, is beginning to cause ripples in Beijing. The group has said that if consultations to reform the electoral system in Hong Kong are impeded in any way by Beijing, and if full universal suffrage is not guaranteed, they will hold civil disobedience protests in Central district in Hong Kong. But already Beijing is calling the movement unlawful. Vice President Li Yuanchao has described the Honk Kong group as illegal. As reported by the New York Times, political tensions in Hong Kong are focused on changing the electoral system.

By Peter Boyce


“二胎”政策的放开,2014和2015年预计将会是又一个婴儿生育高潮。在四五年内,这些孩子将会面临入学问题,中国的社会软设备,学校教育设备和容量须要及时的跟上,否则社会将面临严重的压力。2008年10,000 的“欧运会”婴儿潮已经给北京教育系统和父母们极大压力,有关政府部门绞尽脑汁解决这些六岁儿童入学问题。 2014 和2015的婴儿出生率会大大超过2008年,而且是全国范围,如何准备这即将来临的入学压力,如何提高社会软硬设备?值得有关领导深思

April 24, 2014

Russia and China have teamed up again at the United Nations(UN) to block resolutions by the international community to impose sanctions. On Wednesday, Russia and China blocked a proposal by the United States and France to impose UN sanctions on Central African Republic's(CAR) former President Francois Bozize and two other people linked to the barbaric conflict in that country. The US and France initiated the sanctions due to Bozize's "engaging in or providing support for acts that undermine the peace, stability or security of CAR." Countless incidents of barbaric violence have engulfed CAR as Muslims and Christians carry-out horrid machete attacks of vengeance on each other.

By H. M.


中国新闻网, 国土资源部部长姜大明主持召开第7次部长办公会议,研究养老用地供应与监管等有关政策。会议提出,要认真贯彻落实《国务院关于加快发展养老服务业的若干意见》,大力保障养老用地供应,规范养老用地开发利用管理,应将养老用地纳入国有建设用地供应计划。




April 23, 2014

China needs to provide clear answers as to how canisters of chlorine gas bearing the markings of China's largest arms maker have ended up on the scene of a chemical gas attack in Syria. As reported by Reuters, attacks this month in several areas in Syria, show the characteristics of chemical gas attacks, which have led analysts to believe, that there is a coordinated chlorine bomb campaign by the Syrian regime. Both China and Russia have supported the Syrian regime at the United Nations. Both China and Russia on three occasions have blocked resolutions bought by the international community to condemned the Syrian regime.

By H. M.

媒体解读官员道德败坏 生活腐化 生活糜烂区别


“道德败坏”---多涉及与女性有“不正当关系” 如刘志军,铁道部曾内部通报称,刘志军道德败坏,玩弄多名女性,有三名即为丁书苗介绍。在郭永祥之前,十八大以来被认定为“道德败坏”的四名省部级官员,分别是国家发改委原副主任刘铁男、安徽省原副省长倪发科、南京市原市长季建业、湖北省政协原副主席陈柏槐。 部分被认定“道德败坏”的官员源于“通奸”、“长期嫖娼”等。如重庆原司法局局长文强,“道德败坏、包养情妇、长期嫖娼、赌博成性。”特例:薄熙来和王立军都被通报“与多名女性发生或保持不正当性关系”,但未提及“道德败坏”等表述。



单纯包养情妇只违纪不涉刑。 对官员作风问题的认定,主要依据《中国共产党章程》、《中国共产党党员纪律处分条例》。官员“与多人发生不正当关系”、“包养情人”等生活作风问题,违反了上述规定中的“违反社会主义道德”规定,可处以党内处分。如果不仅包养情人,情人还参与到贪腐行为中,那么就不仅仅是违纪问题,而是违法。

综合以上,当官的没权哪里来的钱?没钱哪里来的腐败?不腐败钱花不出去,当然要腐败!那些贪官又有几个是聪明智慧有本事的?大多数是钻了体制的空子。就看看那些狗官的嘴脸,看看那无耻的行径,为什么那么多美女一拥而上?因为钱, 因为党和人民给的权!因此,这些贪官不能总用党纪代替国法。该枪毙就应该执行!形体不改,人的价值观就不变,价值观不变,贪官当然会前赴后继。 中国真是多灾多难的国家:南有涝灾,北有旱灾,危害最大、老百姓躲不过去的就是几千年未变的“官灾”!

April 22, 2014

Will China heed the call and join the international community on matters of global security and stability? As Germany's Deputy Chancellor Sigmar Gabriel, visiting Beijing, has said: "Of course we will ask the Chinese to do justice to their increased international responsibility and to engage in(solving) conflicts, like the one we are experiencing at the moment in Europe between Ukraine and Russia," Reuters reported. China has abstained from a vote before the United Nations in which the international community condemned Russia's actions in Ukraine.

By H. M.

平均每周4名官员落马, 中国希望在哪里?

从2012年12月6日中央纪委监察部网站“案件查处”栏目通报首条案例至2014年4月11日,一共492天,共有285名领导干部在此期间被通报涉嫌违法违纪行为,平均每周4名。 最突出的是2014年3月27日,这一天共通报12人,创下了目前为止单日通报人数的最高纪录。其中,海南省在这一天通报了9名县处级领导干部被查。492天里,中央巡视组完成了两轮巡视(2013年5月17日到2014年4月1日)。这段时间内,各地领导干部被查的数量呈明显上升趋势,共有252人被查,平均每周超过5人。如果将时间跨度缩小,会发现中央“打虎拍蝇”的力度出现更为明显的两轮攀升趋势。 在2013年前7个月(2012年12月至2013年6月)仅有5人通过“案件查处”栏目被首次通报。而在2013年7月至2013年10月间,每月通报人数逐月递增,4个月一共通报了64人,平均每月通报16人。只是见到官员们落马,没有看见怎么处置,如果措施仅仅是停职,换岗,那是换汤不换药!


只有把老虎的出没环境没有了,民主体制建立了,法治健全了,变虎害为利, 中国才有希望!

April 21, 2014

Why should government control the Internet? The Internet is best left free and unregulated as an exchange of ideas, feelings, information and education throughout the world. Governments that are insecure because they lack a mandate by the people to rule, are more often those governments that are quick to control the Internet. In attempting to control the Internet, these insecure governments seek to place further autocratic controls upon the lives of their populations. So, when Guo Shengkun, China's minister of public security, recently urged Russia and other Central Asian nations, to strictly control the Internet, the minister's true intentions are easily detected. He fears the average Chinese gaining uncontrolled access to a world of information, choices and education. The reasoning here is that the citizen could become too well-informed as to his/her conditions and freedoms in China, thus, dare to desire more.

By Peter Boyce

为什么政府要控制网络?网络是最好的自由渠道,无限制,可以在全球交流观念,感情,信息,教育。一些政府感到安区受到威胁因为不能对网民实行强制政策,会很快的控制网络。为了控制网络,这些安区受到威胁的政府会加强对国民生活的独裁控制。郭声琨,中国安区部长最近力劝俄国和其他一些亚洲国家严厉监管网络,他的真实目的非常明显:他担心普通中国民众通过网络渠道会获取无限制的世界信息和教育选择。 原因呢?国民会见多识广,意识到他/她们在中国的处境和自由的限制,从而会寻求更多。

April 20, 2014

That one-fifth of China's soil is contaminated is alarming and concerning, yet not surprising. An official study released by the Beijing government and conducted by the Ministry of Environmental Protection between 2005 and 2013, has found that 16.1 percent of all China's soil and 19.4 percent of its arable soils showed contamination, as reported by the BBC-News. Two-thirds of China's land area, 6.3 million square kilometers, was sampled in the study. But the results should not be surprising, especially against the background of China's break- neck- pace of industrial production, which for many years, has been undertaken with very little regard for the general welfare of the environment. The land, the air and the rivers have been given in sacrifice for fast economic gains. But there is always a price to pay for great economic growth and the large amounts of contaminated soils, the pollutant smoggy air of major cities and the increasing numbers of cancers and respiratory ailments in China, are all testaments of the high price being paid for economic power.

By H. M.



谷雨节气后降雨增多,空气中的湿度逐渐加大,此时我们在养生中应遵遁自然节气的变化,针对其气候特点进行调养。同时由于天气转温,人们的室外活动增加。雨生百谷。雨量充足而及时,谷类作物能茁壮成长。谷雨时节 南方的气温升高较快,有利于在大春作物栽培措施上抓早。




April 19, 2014

If a friend commits a bad act, and one doesn't condemns it, but remains silent, it is as the same as to condone the action. Thus, when a similar event resurfaces, then the silent party in the original scenario has thus been disqualified from having an opinion on the emerging issue. So when China abstained at the United Nations from joining the international community in condemning Russian action in Ukraine, China has now voided itself from any say in the determination of young Taiwanese who might desire full autonomy from mainland China in the future.

By H. M.

兰州解除苯超标应急机制 五居民起诉当地水厂被驳回







难道公民就没有任何权力,只能忍气吞声了吗?告水厂不行,告政府有没有资格呢?那么谁又有权利起诉政府呢? 真是应了老百姓的话:活着买不起房子,死了买不起墓地,苟且偷生吧,买点自来水还是有毒的,要想维护自己权益,还没有诉讼主体资格。


April 18, 2014

China will undergo much further change; it will not wait until 2049 to undergo major political change, and the changes that will come have already been set in motion by the actions of the government and by the rapid growth in the general socio-economic lives of Chinese. With a growing middle class and with the emigration of millions of farmers from the agrarian industry to urban employment, it is inevitable that China will change beyond what it has been for centuries. What characteristics will dominate these changes are yet to be define.

By H. M.


据腾讯网, 浙江欧海61岁周启发4月10号来到公安局报案: 他的两间五层房屋字于本人和亲属均不在家的情况下被街道组织的百名工作人员拆除了.

据他说 “ 一个砌在墙里的保险柜不见了,里面有4.85万欧元,3个金手镯和2枚戒指”. 周先生从1990年起长期旅居法国,当他在国外得知消息, 当他告知街道负责人员关于保险柜之事, 对方称房屋已拆,无法查找. 而且还说, “你今年60多岁了,记性可能不大好,是不是保险柜的东西已经取出来了?”. 为此,周先生很无奈,他显得有点激动地说 “ 我没有老糊涂,这么多钱怎么可能记错呢?” 无论什么原因和理由, 这次拆迁是在没有签订拆迁协议书情况下被拆得。

这里想说的是,这种事情发生在21世纪,发生在法制社会,会让人相信吗?为什么那么多人争着移民,出国?这跟抢劫有多大区别?在中国,越来越没有安全感了。 像一句歌词写的:你的祖先早已把你的一切烙上了中国印!

April 17, 2014

One of the reasons I rise and I write everyday is because of the existence of individuals I consider rare and selfless - the likes of Xu Zhiyong in China. But I'm easily touched by sagas that exhibit the strength, the integrity and the sacrifice of the incorruptible human spirit. And such a story worth more than mentioning here; is that of nine-year-old Liang Liang, who is battling blood cancer at such a young age. China Daily's website briefly mentioned this courageous boy's struggle in an-eight-line news summary this week and it referenced a Tuesday report from the Yangtze Evening News as a source of the story of Liang Liang. Liang was recently diagnosed with T-lymphoblastic lymphoma, and after learning of his illness, he tried to stop his parents, who make just 1,000 yuan a month, to cut off his medical care because he found out the exuberant cost. His parents have spent more than 150,000 yuan on his treatment. Before he knew his condition, Liang's loving parents, protectively told him he had a respiratory disease; but once the boy researched his true condition on the internet, and attained the high cost of the needed medical care, he asked his parents not to treat him anymore. That this boy of nine could be so selfless is heartwarming, and that he would sacrifice himself to save his parents money is even more tear-jerking. Yet, that Liang believes there is a cost of human life that could be measured in yuan, is not acceptable. No child should ever have to measure the cost of or the treatment of human life in material currency. Life is priceless. And in Liang's case, a health care system by the people should be in place to cater to his needs and that of his parents in their time of need. Moreover, as Microsoft founder Bill Gates, challenged wealth Chinese to be more charitable, and not just at a time of publicized natural disasters, Liang case is a good one for wealthy Chinese to show some compassion to their less fortunate comrades. We wish Liang the best of health and prosperity to his family.

By Peter Boyce

中国日报报道:一个九岁的小男孩亮亮,最近被确诊为 “T-Lymphoblastic Lymphoma” 淋巴母细胞淋巴瘤,一种血癌。亮亮从网上搜索到他的病情和治理的费用,劝说他的父母放弃对他的医治。 父母告诉他得的是呼吸道疾病,但他从网上了解到了自己的病情。 亮亮的父母声称他们是不会停止对小亮亮的治理。他们全家的月收入仅有1千元人民币,约合160美金,到现在为止,医疗费用已达到15万元人民币。


April 16, 2014

As the economy slows in China, medium and small size companies are beginning to feel the crunch. From shoe manufacturers to handbag makers and beyond, small to medium size companies are beginning to feel the economic squeeze as reported today by the New York Times under the headline: As Credit Dries Up, Smaller Companies in China Feel the Pinch. As reported by the NYTimes, Exorbitant interest rates and a scarcity of loans have turned financing of everything from raw materials to equipment into a "crippling challenge" for businesses and individuals without political connections to borrow at regulated rates from the state-controlled banking system. This all goes to reiterate the disparities and unfairness that continues in China between the connected and the unconnected. Access to jobs and favors are given to those with relationships with someone in power, and this continued practice has led to much of the corruption president Xi Jinping is attempting to stamp out.

By Peter Boyce


“我永远都不会忘记这次经历”, 李茗珍,一个复旦大学大四的学生,回忆起去年秋天她在一家中国搜索引擎公司的面试经历。 她没有被聘取,但最使她吃惊的是”当我走进面试房间,我看到我大学的导师也在那里,夹在一些其他应聘者中间。” 这个导师比小李长三岁,持有研究生文凭。“同一个工作,我怎么可能竞争过自己的导师呢?他又是男士,比我文凭高,有工作经验。”


April 15, 2014

The United Kingdom(UK) has listed China as "a country of concern" in its human rights report. But this determination by the British does not sit well with Beijing, which in retaliation for the English listing, has called off planned human rights talks. The Beijing administration has accused Great Britain of meddling in its internal affairs for issuing the report. But Beijing fails to take into account that if it wants to play on the international stage, then it must conform to international standards with respect to human rights. The British report notes increases on the curbs of freedom of expression, association and assembly. Among the many curbs on human rights is that of Xu Zhiyong, who was arrested in 2013 and jailed in 2014 for his peaceful activism.

By Peter Boyce

在经济增长放缓 的时期,中国需要一个解决大学毕业生就业的计划。今年参加就业市场 的毕业生将近727万, 比2013年的统计数据显示增加了280,000,许多学生将体验到找工作的困难。以上海为例,上海今年有17.8万大学毕业生, 与去年的毕业生人数大致相同。 但到今年3月10日为止,全市只有9 万个登记的就业岗位。此外,女大学生求职面临更多困难。由全中国妇联公布的一份2011年的报告发现,年轻的女毕业生56.7%的人认为她们所面临的就业机会非常非常少, 91.9%的受访者抱怨遭受性别歧视。所以,如果像上海这样的城市正面临着就业岗位等于或接近其毕业生数的一半的赤字,那么其他城市呢?中国领导者需要制定一个明确的未来大学生就业计划。

April 14, 2014

Which comes first: the State? or the Party? The China the international community respects because of its exoticism, culture and history, is the Nation State of China. Not the Communist Party. All the people comprise the State. The Party represents a transfer of power from the people to a few men on the premise that the average Chinese is incapable of governance. The Party has given birth to rampant corruption and the accumulation of great wealth by a few over the expense of the people - the peasant farmer of Sichuan, the garment worker of Guangzhou, the student of Xiamen, the vegetable trader in Putian and all the other hard working people. Can the people govern? Only the people could decide.

By H. M.



“吸引更多的资金进入中国的股市。” 在上周五例行的新闻发布会上,证监会发言人表示,将推动相关外汇管理和所得税政策的进一步完善,创造更加便利的投资环境,吸引更多境外长期资金进入我国资本市场。





April 13, 2014


Our Father: Few men possess the conviction and the strength of the servant of the people, Xu Zhiyong; so on this Palm Sunday, Most Holy God, I pray that you watch over him. I also pray Almighty God that you place him under your protection and that you keep him safe as he sits in a Chinese jail. May you keep him strong in mind, in spirit and in body; and may you protect him from the forces of evil that will seek to exert influence over him. May you give him the strength to retain his resolution and may you protect his love ones who have supported his human rights advocacy. These things I beg of you dear God. Amen!

By H. M.



空气和水是人类和生物每天必不可少的。可以一天不吃饭,但是不能不喝水、不呼吸。如今认为这两样最安全和救命的东西发生了质变。雾霾了,可以,聪明的人发明了防治PM2.5 口罩,水被污染了,市民全体上阵抢购矿泉水……悲剧在上演,这不是电影,是现实真人秀!


老百姓没有别的办法,只能一次又一次抢购超市里有的东西,政府有没有想过如果随着一次次抢购,一次次无奈,一次次对政府公信力的失望。 如果一个月前面对公众质疑、面对“谣言”, 政府能够深入基层进行调查,不要那么“自信”地认为百姓是在造谣、辟谣、抓人,今天的事情会发生吗? 政府需要反思!

雾霾下的空气不能自然呼吸了,污染了的水不能正常饮用,那么中国人要到哪里找到生命的安全栖息地呢? 政府需要深思!

April 12, 2014

Xu Zhiyong's saga signifies the strength of human aspirations; that a young man, having a conviction for a higher degree of freedom not offered by his society, senses an obligation to serve and to advocate for such freedoms, has advocated for true justice without fear of an inevitable imprisonment. It is for this reason that in January this year, I came to recognize the unique good nature of Xu Zhiyong, and based upon his love for his fellow Chinese, I made the decision to dedicate this journal, China Today, in his honor, and I will continue this tribute to Xu Zhiyong until he becomes free. Xu Zhiyong is not corrupt. He is noble. Some may argue that he has broken the law, and in rebuttal to them I argue: Is there not such a thing as an unjust bad law? And if you can agree that there exist some unjust bad laws, I submit to you that the law under which Xu Zhihong was charged and convicted is such; thus Xu Zhiyong is innocent and should be freed. To those of you who believe that all laws by the government are just, I challenged you to examine your own history and to look upon the regulations that once barred "Chinese and dogs" from establishments in China; were such regulations just? If your answer is unjust, then the same law that has sent Xu Zhiyong to jail is also unjust. Each and everyone of you should be proud that the likes of Xu Zhiyong has dared to advocate for more for you, for your children and for your children's children. Cherish his advocacy and his selfless sacrifice. And as he has said: "The haze of the communist dictatorship must eventually lift and the light of freedom, fairness, justice and love will eventually fill China."

By H. M.


据齐鲁晚报, 为有效化解钢铁、水泥、电解铝、平板玻璃和船舶等严重过剩行业信贷风险,银监会3月中旬向银监分局与地方法人银行业等金融机构下发了关于《支持产业结构调整和化解产能过剩的指导意见》,具体措施包括摸清风险底数、严格把握政策界限、明确差别化信贷标准、践行绿色信贷、支持产业结构优化调整等。




April 11, 2014

"The haze of the communist dictatorship must eventually lift and the light of freedom, fairness, justice and love will eventually fill China," freedom activist Xu Zhiyong has reminded his Chinese people. Xu Zhiyong, who was jailed in January of this year for four years by President Xi Jinping's courts for "gathering a crowd to disturb public order", was denied an appeal of the sentence yesterday. Jailed, but still defiant in his belief of the freedom of the human spirit, Xu told the court:" This ridiculous judgement cannot hold back the tide of human progress." As reported by Reuters, Xu said the pall of communism and dictatorship would eventually give way to freedom and justice. The United States(US), the European Union(EU) and rights organizations have all criticized Xu's imprisonment even though his jailing was expected because the courts are controlled by the communist party. Xu, of the New Citizen's Movement, had peacefully advocated working within the system to effect change. He advocated that Chinese officials disclose their assets and he also fought for the rights of children from rural areas to be educated in cities where many live with their migrant worker parents. Xu's imprisonment demonstrates the determined effort by Xi's government to eradicate organized dissent to the status quo within China, even as the government attempts to change the status quo on the East and South China Seas. But in honor of Xu Zhiyong, we submit, that as true as a branch lopped from a tree would not end growth, so the jailing of Xu Zhinyong will not eradicate the spirits, the desires, the aspirations, the dreams, the quests and the acts by people to be free. Chinese people have demonstrated that they are capable of ruling themselves and that a party of the few is insufficient to encase their eventual fates of freedom. From Putian, to Xiamen, to Beijing, to Guangzhou, to Kunming, to Chongqing, to Fuzhou, to Zhanjiang, to Wuhan and beyond, the voices of fairness advocated by Xu Zhiyong, will soon be heard.

By H. M.


证券日报,“对互联网金融要予以适度监管,不宜管得过多过死,要为创新和发展留有余地和空间,推动我国互联网金融继续保持全球领先地位。”央行有关负责人表示 。 目前对账户功能划分和实行额度管理也是属于进一步的共识,但在功能如何划分和具体额度设定方面仅业界的机构之间就有分歧,还需进一步的沟通和论证。 肯定地讲,这个办法的重心不在具体额度上,而是在业务及流程的各项风险控制上。

“目前,互联网应用的大众化和金融服务的普惠功能提升已经呈深度融合、相互促进的大趋势,互联网金融创新有利于发展普惠金融,有旺盛的市场需求,应当给予积极支持,也应当占有相应的市场份额。” 但必须清醒地认识到互联网金融的金融功能属性和金融风险属性,鼓励创新就要包容失误,但要把失误可能引发的风险控制在可预期、可承受的范围内。这需要坚持底线思维,加强规范管理,促进以创新为动力的这一新型金融服务业态在可持续的轨道上健康发展。

这位负责人称,下一步,中国人民银行将会同有关部门按照“鼓励创新、防范风险、趋利避害、健康发展”的总体要求进一步探索和完善监管,促进互联网金融健康发展 。抓紧推进“中国互联网金融协会”的成立,充分发挥协会的自律管理作用,推动形成统一的行业服务标准和规则,引导互联网金融企业履行社会责任。


April 10, 2014

Will national pride impede China's ascension to great power status? It is plausible. Under present conditions, with escalated tensions on the East and South China Seas, with strong nationalism at home, with two consecutive months of declining exports and imports, with interior questions yet to be answered regarding the aspirations of Tibetans and Uyghurs, and with a sub-par human rights policy; it is sufficient to assume that China's rise will inevitable be effected. No nation could continue to rise at past performance rates with as many disputes weighing in the balance as China has; instability becomes the mode of the day, which hampers economic sustainability, as investors will react to insecurity by betting their monies elsewhere. Also, with increase world environmental and human rights consciousness, pressure could be placed upon muti-national corporations doing business in China to draw down their operations within China in solidarity to human rights and environment concerns. February and March export and import numbers for China is a prelude to the further contracting of the China economy. Exports could significantly increase in April, but China will not be able to maintain a high growth rate for any prolong period of time anymore. A hot conflict with Japan or the Philippines by China, will inevitably bring the United States(US) into the conflict allied with treaty partners. Trade between the US and China would measurably decline putting the middle class life many Chinese have now come to enjoy at risk. There's been much rhetoric and strong stances by China with regards peaceful solutions with Japan and the Philippines to disputes on the East and South China Seas. China doesn't desire a conflict, yet both Beijing and Tokyo, are both guilty of drumming up the nationalistic mantra. Of note, and despite modernization, the PLA is battlefield untested. While nationalism and enthusiasm might run very high among the young enlisted men in the PLA, morale among the ranks would deteriorate quickly after one week of heavy fighting with average casualties. With ongoing corruption investigations involving PLA ranks, the morale and the gut for war would not ardor well in China's favor. Thus, China's rise will be adversely effected by armed conflict. However, with human rights reforms, releasing non-violent activists from prisons, making a transition to democracy and placing faith in its scholarly people, China could achieve full shared great power status before the international community.

By H. M.


据财经网, 2014年,中国金融深化改革如何继续推进备受关注。银监会主席尚福林在中国发展高层论坛2014年会上就民营银行、普惠金融、直接融资等金融改革热点话题发表了讲话。他表示,将对民营银行探索差异化监管,确保试点积极稳妥推进。


普惠金融在中国已经显现出良好的发展势头。 据介绍,中国的小微企业和三农贷款已经连续五年实现了两个“不低于”,即贷款增长额不低于上年增长额、贷款增速不低于平均贷款增速。





April 9, 2014

The Chinese Ambassador to the United States(US), Cui Tiankai, has raised a valuable and a credible notion of a NATO style defense organization in Asia. Though Cui, in his remarks at a seminar in New York City, would obviously opposed such an organization, it stands fitting that western nations with multiple allies, especially on the East and South China Seas, should develop such an organization to ensure the security and territorial integrity of allied nations in Asia. Moreover, such an organization could defer much of the peaceful security responsibilities placed upon the US. Also, such an organization could also ensure that no nation could lay claim over 90 percent of any sea; thus such an organization could serve also in a second capacity as an arbitrator in disputes. In all fairness to Ambassador Cui, we must mentioned that as reported by Reuters, his remarks came as he questioned the US presence in Asia. He asked: "...If your(US) intention is to establish an Asian NATO, then we are back in the Cold War-era again. This is something that will serve nobody's interest, it's quite clear."

By H. M.



April 8, 2014

"Resistance is merely a byproduct of an off-balanced system": a concluding sign and thought by one of the students occupying the legislature in Taipei, Taiwan. The students and activists who have occupied the legislature for close to month, have announced that they will end their occupation on Thursday. Students reached this decision following peaceful talks with Taiwan parliament Speaker, Wang Jin-pyng. The students, who oppose a Taiwan-China trade pact, agreed to leave the legislature after assurances from the speaker that he would not hold debate on the ratification of the trade agreement until legislation was in place to cover oversight of all deals with China. Students are worried over China's influence in Taiwan and the impact of any agreements upon local businesses. But what has been the significance of the students' occupation? Simply, the youth of Taiwan will not sit idly by and allow the island's leaders of today to enter into pacts of governance that may restrict their independent thought in the future. Thus, Taiwanese youth are strong and independent. They will demand more autonomy in the future. Then what of Hong Kong? It has been indentured for 50 years since 1997 with wide autonomy, yet no say in defense and foreign affairs. What will Hong Kong's youth demand next year, in five years or 10 years? Youth is the vanguard of all change in society, and as youth mature, it becomes burdensome to carry much restricted political weight levied upon them by their fathers and mothers. Thus all political pacts signed by older generations are subject to change by new generations.

By H. M.

云南网讯(记者 赵岗)4月6日凌晨,云南省丽江市束河古镇发生火灾,导致10间铺面损毁,所幸无人员伤亡。







云南一些著名古镇一而再再而三发生火灾,让人心痛,为什么中国古镇频遭火灾? 如何落实古镇消防安全应该得到重视。


April 7, 2014

The three-week-old occupation of the Taiwan parliament by students and activists fearing China's control of the island, could end this week. It has been three weeks since students and protesters stormed the legislature in Taipei to block a trade pact between Taiwan and China. The trade pact - a trade and services agreement would open 64 of Taiwan's service sectors to China and 80 of China's sectors to Taiwan. The deal was reached last June, but before it could be ratified by the Taiwan parliament, protesters stormed, and have since occupied the Taiwan legislative body. Protesters are concerned that the deal would increase China's economic influence over Taiwan and hurt Taiwanese local businesses. As Reuters reports, the protesters paralyzed the legislature to halt the pact's ratification, in the island's worst political crisis in years. On Sunday, however, students announced that they may now end the occupation since the government has agreed to a concession: a review mechanism of trade agreements before the Chinese pact is passed. This is something students and activists in Taiwan hope will give Taiwan the ability to temper Beijing's clout.

By H. M.


21世纪经济报, 3月24日,在中国发展高层论坛上,工信部副部长苏波指出,下一步坚持标本兼治,长短结合,综合运用经济、法律、标准和必要的行政手段,主要在控制产能总量、调整优化存量、规范市场秩序、建立长效机制等方面下工夫。“政府要尽量减少用行政手段去压减过剩产能,而是要通过不断地完善市场竞争环境,让优胜劣汰的机制能够起作用,让市场去根据企业的运行情况,自动调节过剩的产能。”





April 6, 2014

So the explicit message from the United States(US) to China is that the US will not tolerate any Crimea style antics against its allies on the East and South China Seas. And in other words: "You cannot go around the world and redefine boundaries and violate territorial integrity and the sovereignty of nations by force, coercion or intimidation, whether it's in small islands in the Pacific, or in large nations in Europe," United States Defense Secretary Chuck Hagel has explained in Tokyo, Japan. Reaffirming the US commitments to its allies on the East and South China Seas, Hagel called upon Beijing, to use its "great power" responsibly, and to respect its neighbors increasingly anxiousness over China's posture in territorial disputes. Hagel, who arrives in Beijing on Monday, admitted that "Great powers have great responsibilities" and that he wanted to talk with Beijing about its use of military power and to encourage transparency. He also disclosed he would "be talking with the Chinese about its respect for their neighbors. Coercion, intimidation is a very deadly thing that leads only to conflict" and "All nations, all people deserve respect."

By H. M.

农业部在全国开展主食加工业提升行动 4大主要任务




(二)树立支持一批带动力强的示范企业。 在全国范围内组织开展第三批“全国主食加工业示范企业”申报认定,加快主食加工业主体培育,加强示范引领带动。充分发挥企业主体作用,组织示范企业积极参加各类展示推介、交流对接活动,推动实施开发性金融支持主食加工业发展等项目,为示范企业进一步做大做强提供有力支撑。




April 5, 2014

A Chinese national, from Shanghai, faces extradition to the United States(US) from the United Kingdom(UK) for conspiring to sell sensitive uranium enrichment devices to Iran. The BBC reports that Sihai Cheng, who was arrested at Heathrow Airport in February on a US warrant, is accused of supplying thousands of parts to a company involved in Iran's nuclear efforts in violation of US sanctions. Cheng faces a hearing in June in the UK on whether he will be extradited to the US to stand trial. Pictures show the parts Cheng is accused of selling in use at the Natanz uranium enrichment facility in Iran. Evidence against Cheng also show a money transfer from an Iranian's UK bank into Cheng's Chinese bank.

By H. M.